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Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth Resume Print E-mail
Nicholas Hellmuth, director FLAAR at UFM Digital Imaging Research Center
Nicholas Hellmuth at UFM Digital Imaging Research Center.

Born: Detroit, Michigan, 3 Jan 1945; US citizen

Home Residence: St Louis, Missouri.

Office addresses: St Louis Missouri and Guatemala City, Central America.

Education: BA, cum laude, Harvard, 1967; MA Brown University 1969, PhD Karl-Franzens-Universitaet, Graz, Austria (art history), 1986.

1969 to present (continuing), founder and President of the Foundation for Latin American Anthropological Research (FLAAR), a research and educational institute devoted to advanced digital imaging in art history, archaeology, photography of tropical flora and fauna, research and publications on digital imaging technology to help print educational images.

1971 grant from American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, for study in Archivo General de Indias, Seville, Spain, on ethnohistory of Chol and Peten Ytza cultural groups of the 17th century. This research focused on food plants and house types of the Mayan people before changes introduced by the Spanish.

On three occasions, 1 yr 1970 + 1 yr 1980 + 5 yrs 1990's, honorary research positions at Yale University (Visiting Fellow, Dept of History of Art twice; then Yale's Peabody Museum of Natural Sciences, Curatorial Associate), held simultaneously with other then-current positions.

1980, grant from Organization of American States (via Guatemala) for fellowship at Dept of History of Art, Yale University.

1990's, Visiting Professor, Dept of Art, Rollins College (change of president resulted in phasing out this position under the new administration).

1992-1997, Visiting Professor, Brevard Community College (change of president resulted in phasing out this program under the interim administration)

1996, Visiting Professor, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan (in charge of program at the museum via Japan's Ministry of Education to prepare program for digitizing and digital storage of the museum's 35mm slide archive holdings in art and anthropology).

1997, recipient of $100,000 grant from an American foundation to prepare program for changing FLAAR from photography with Leica and Hasselblad to photography with digital technology plus scanning of previous photography so past years work would also become digital.

1998, founded the first web site of what has grown into a network of 500 pages over 12 URLs reviewing high end scanning and large format printing hardware and software, including:,, and

1999-2006, named director of the Digital Imaging Technology Center, with rank of Visiting Professor at Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala City, Guatemala, to develop a "model studio" for advanced digital imaging and large format printing.

2000, recipient of an educational grant by Hewlett-Packard large format printer division, Barcelona, Spain, to promote public education in large format inkjet printers. This grant (May 15, 2000 to May 15, 2001) was to improve the navigation and design of the FLAAR web sites so that readers could more easily access all the information about all makes and models of printers, RIPs, and media. That's why FLAAR web sites have equal navigation links to Mimaki, ColorSpan, Epson and other competitors, because that is the nature of a non-profit educational institution, equal access for all readers to facts on as many printers as our staff can possibly cover. As soon as other companies also provide printers or related products, then we can provide even more links to display of their printers, RIPs, and inkjet media.

2001, educational grants from other large format printer companies such as MacDermid ColorSpan. HP, Canon, efi VUTEk. FLAAR also receives grant support from Improved Technologies (for I-Jet Mutoh and now, 2001, Mimaki JV4), BEST GmbH (color management RIP) and other grants. Equipment grants also from Epson, CreoScitex, Heidelberg, Calumet Digital Solutions (Calumet Photographic).

2001, fall semester (to 2006), Visiting Professor, College of Technology, Director, Large Format Digital Imaging Division (under the Center for Applied Technology, Bowling Green State University of Ohio).

2002, initiated the first full-scale course on professional digital photography of any state university in the USA. Available over the internet to people in any country and in three languages (Deutsch, español, and English). Summer 2002, FLAAR at Universidad Francisco Marroquin, the first course in Latin America on digital photography at the professional level.

Circa 2006: together with Eduardo Sacayon and Flor de Maria Setina, founded FLAAR Mesoamerica under non-profit status in Guatemala, to serve as a focal point for research and publications on all aspects of how digital imaging technology can assist scholars, students, museums, national parks, botanical museums, zoos, corporations, and interested individuals. Our focus is logically pre-Columbian Mesoamerica (Latin America) but we work literally around the world, including Europe, China, Korea, Taiwan and North America

Languages: speak, read, and can give public lectures in Spanish and German in addition to native English. Can understand basic French but am otherwise not proficient.

Foreign experience: have lived in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Latin America most of my life and have lived in Japan during six months as Visiting Professor plus several two-month visits to Japan on other occasions. FLAAR has over five years experience in China, including living in Beijing.

Interests: digital photography, digital printing of fine art, and public education on large format printers by means of evaluations of hardware, software, inks, and media. I am interested in developing and marketing new products that provide end users what they need to take advantage of the advances in digital technology without frightening these end users with a steep learning curve. Having lived in the rain forests of Guatemala 12 months in 1965 (at age 19 while a student at Harvard) and then spending 5 years in another part of the Neotropical seasonal rain forests mapping the area of Yaxha and creating a national park here, I became increasingly interested in protecting plants and animals, especially those related to Mayan cultures. Our and show the dedication to studies on flora and fauna of Mesoamerica.

Contacts: FLAAR has an extensive worldwide network of colleagues as a result of having attended DRUPA, CeBIT, VISCOM, FESPA Digital and Photokina in Germany; IPEX in Birmingham, England, as well as Comdex, PMA, Seybold, DPI, SGIA, ISA, PhotoExpoEast, Graphics of the Americas, B.I.G., BigPicture Show and pertinent trade shows in the USA, Mexico, Australia, China, and Brazil. In 2017 FLAAR attended expos literally around the world such as Sign Istanbul, KOSIGN (Korea), Sign Africa (Johannesburg), SGI (Dubai), and SIGN ASIA EXPO co-located with APPPEXPO Thailand. As 2018 starts Dr Hellmuth is attending CES digital electronics expo, HEIMTEXTIL in Germany, and Sign Middle East in Dubai.

Consulting: Dr Hellmuth and key members of his staff have served as consultants for Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized companies who wish to prosper and grow, and also for family-run businesses around the world. Dr Nicholas has been consultant to museums, national parks, universities, as well as distributors, manufacturers, and end-users of wide-format inkjet inks, media, substrates, laminators, coaters, printers, and cutters.

We specialize in applications, uses, solutions. FLAAR has a good track record of networking companies with key partners around the world. We have experience in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Middle East, South Africa, as well as Mexico, Central America, South America and of course in North America. Dr Hellmuth is also widely consulted on flora and fauna of Guatemala.

Monster and Men in maya Art (coffee table book version of PhD dissertation), Akademische Druck-und Verlaganstalt, Graz, Austria, 1987

Articles in Natural History magazine, mexicon, Americas (Organization of American States)

Plus over several hundred FLAAR Reports and more than 4,000 web pages on digital imaging, cultural anthropology, archaeology, ethnobotany, and ethnozoology of Mesoamerica

Starting circa 2014 FLAAR and FLAAR Mesoamerica began testing different styles of illustrations and graphic design to create future books on the flora and fauna of Guatemala to help in schools. By 2017 we had started and

large format printing, everything your inkjet printer can do
large fromat printing, determining input needs

Public lectures and Conference presentations:

Have lectured in German, English, and Spanish languages at

  • museums and universities in Japan, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, England, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia;
  • lectured on wide format inkjet printers at the sign trade show in Mumbai (Bombay) India 2002, and at IMI conference May 2, 2002. Plus at wide-format inkjet printer expos in Europe, Dubai, Mexico, and South Africa every year during recent years. Dr Hellmuth has also given lectures on wide-format inkjet printing in the Middle East and a full-day conference in Korea.
  • Have lectured on art history, architectural history, and photography thereof at Berkeley, UCLA, Princeton, Columbia, and more universities, colleges, and museums than I can remember.

You can follow Dr Hellmuth’s exploration of plants and animals and meet the capable team of students who assist him, and see their preparation of educational books for schools on

You can see the entire team who work on wide format inkjet printer research on

To follow the printer advances link to Dr Nicholas Hellmuth on LinkedIn.

Most recently updated January, 09, 2018
Previous updates: July 9, 2002, Feb. 4. 2003, Feb. 27, 2012.



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