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GCC StellarJet 183UVK now has KonicaMinolta printheads Print E-mail

The new style in UV printers is to increase resolution and print quality by means of updating the printheads to lower picoliter drop size. So the year-2008 version of the GCC 1.8 meter printer has KonicaMinolta printheads. Thus the name of the model has changed from GCC StellarJet 183UV to 183UVK.

GCC StellarJet 183UVK UV-curable inkjet printer was exhibited at FESPA Amsterdam trade show 2009.

Second look at GCC StellarJet 183UV UV-curable inkjet printer

consulting Asia trade shows
consulting Asia trade shows

I was surprised to see a printer discussed as the GCC StellarJet 183UV UV-curable inkjet printer at FESPA Digital trade show in mid-May 2006. But the person in the GCC booth said it had already been shown at ISA 2006. Yet I completely missed the GCC StellarJet 183UV UV-curable inkjet printer at ISA, probably because no one else at ISA mentioned it. I walked by the booth, saw the larger GCC StellarJet 250UV, and since I already have a comprehensive report on that, I did not stop to look inside the booth. ISA is only three days, not enough time to see everything. European shows are better: 4 to 5 days, and open longer into the evening.

It turns out that the printer shown in 2006 was a prototype, 1.6 meters, clearly still in alpha stage. Then, in 2007, a beta version of the actual GCC StellarJet 183UV was being shown. It is wider, 1.8 meters. The new model has many improvements over the prototype, though is still being enhanced. We discuss all this in the FLAAR Report on the GCC StellarJet 183UVK. Many improvements have been added to this printer since it was first shown as a prototype. As soon as an opportunity presents itself in 2008, I will undertake a site-visit case study in a printshop to check on how this StellarJet 183UVK functions in the real world.

GCC StellarJet 183UV printer reviews
GCC StellarJet 183UV UV-curable inkjet printer.

Our FLAAR Report on the GCC StellarJet 250UV is also already available. This model I have already checked at a printshop: they were producing the best color saturation on ceramic tiles that I have seen anywhere (using a special primer). I discuss all this in a FLAAR Reports on “ Printing on Ceramic Tiles” which you can obtain free just by filling out the Inquiry/Survey Form.

Printing on Ceramic tiles

The price in 2006 and still the price in 2007 are also discussed in the FLAAR Reports.

Since the GCC StellarJet 183uv has been introduced, ColorSpan has come out with four new UV printers, fully enclosed for safety. Thus it was surprising at ISA 2007 to see so many printers that are still exposed, such as the Oce Arizona 250 and various printers from Asia.

The larger model GCC StellarJet 250UV is enclosed. This well-designed printer has been exhibited now for several years at many American and European trade shows. GCC is a respected company in Taiwan that makes diverse other products for the sign industry.

Here Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth with the GCC StellarJet 183UVK UV-curable inkjet printer at ISA trade show 2007.
GCC StellarJet 183UV UV-curable inkjet printer at VISCOM Germany 2007, showing samples.
Sample printer by the GCC StellarJet 183UV UV-curable inkjet printer.

To learn more about UV-cured flatbed inkjet printers

For 2007 onwards most of our evaluations of UV printers are being done at the demo room of the factory or company headquarters, since trade shows are too hectic. Recently FLAAR has inspected the:

• Inca Digital factory in England (they make the Columbia Turbo and Spyder 320).

• The adjacent Sun Chemical Digital factory for their new FastJet UV packaging printer

• The Grapo factory in the Czech Republic (they make the Octopus and the Manta)

• The Gandinnovations Jeti UV flatbed and roll-to-roll UV factory in Toronto

• The Mutoh Europe printer factory in Oostende, Belgium.

• The Dilli Precision factory in Seoul

• The IP&I factory outside Seoul

• and have been to the NUR factory in Israel twice in 2007.

We do other evaluations at print shops that are using a brand daily, so we can have a reality check. When we find a printer in a city where we can easily access it, we also inspect these printshops. So there are FLAAR site-visit case studies of Durst Rho, of Gandinnovations Jeti, of ColorSpan because these are easy to find.

I spent a week in Taiwan in December 2007, and most of this time was inspecting GCC's R&D department, factory assembly lines, and company headquarters. So the FLAAR Reports on the GCC StellarJet 183UVK have been updated.

GCC StellarJet 183UVK printer
GCC Stellar Jet 183 UVK and samples printed on it, at Drupa 2008.

Comparative evaluations and reviews of other entry-level UV-curable hybrid printers

Since people seek advise and help in figuring out which printer to buy, we provide FLAAR Reports on all the entry-level printers.

Flora LJ1800

Infiniti Xterius (in Europe), Infiniti 1.6 meter printer

• Raster Printers (Flora LJ1800 with portions rebuilt and improved in the US)

Teckwin Tecksmart UV1600 and UV2500

If you buy any five of the above reports you can speak by phone or communicate by e-mail directly with the author, Dr Hellmuth. This consulting is at no additional cost once you have purchased the above reports.

Or if you buy either UV Series 1, or UV Series 2, plus any two individual UV printer reports, you can also ask questions directly and personally with Professor Hellmuth (at no additional chare). If you prefer to bring him to your office anywhere in the world, he is available as a consultant for a nominal consulting fee. But just to chat with him on the phone or have him answer your e-mail directly, just buy an appropriate quantity of reports and you get direct access to Nicholas at no cost.


Most recently updated March 31, 2008, after ISA ’08.

First posted April 17, 2006.



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