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When a sign shop is given the task of printing a big quantity of images, the way images are placed in a board will directly affect the quantity of boards used in such a project. At the same time, the more boards are used, the higher cost and time of the print job.

This means that to take advantage of the whole board, the designer would need to dedicate considerable amounts of time placing each image so that the less possible space is wasted.

Esko is known in the print industry for producing XY cutters, but the range of products has been expanded to software tools, some of which assist print businesses in avoiding such wastes.

Esko SignUp

This is a nesting application for media optimization. Although some RIPs already offer nesting capabilities, their nesting is done with the imaginary square boxes your images are contained into. The advantage of SignUp software is that the nesting is done by rotating each image whenever necessary to take advantage of white spaces where possible. This means the nesting is not done in perfect X-Y axis but in multi-axis form.

SignUp displays a window where you get the images to be nested, and a number of parameter fields (color mode, quantity, file type, etc) per image. Some of these image properties can be modified. For example, you can increase the number of copies of an image to be nested in your board.

Because this software was created to assist the printing-cutting process, you can also modify the bleed by increasing it or decreasing it. For example, a bleed of -0.05cm will cut 0.05cm inside the borders of your image. You can also modify the gutter in your board, that is, the space between each image.

Depending on your computer, SignUp will take less than a minute to find the most appropriate way to place your images in such a way that the waste of media is reduced.

There have been print jobs where media usage has been reduced from 60 to 40 boards. This is summed up as a 30% reduction on media usage in a span of a minute.


First posted January 2010.