Legend 72HUV hybrid UV flatbed printer from DEC (Digital Equipment Company) Print

FLAAR is working at evaluating entry-level and mid-range UV-curable flatbed printers because we get so many requests for information from franchise sign shops as well as independent family-run sign shops.

Our first step was to visit DEC (Digital Equipment Company) and LexJet, to inspect the printer and do testing over a two-day period.

Second step will be to make time to visit a printshop that has one in service to take notes on how this Legend 72HUV printer functions in the real world. In the meantime, our initial comments are in the FLAAR Reports that can easily be downloaded on this page (and all other pages of this web site on UV printers).

Legend 72HUV hybrid flatbed UV now available from LexJet, Lloyds and more

To start with the Legend 72HUV is available from LexJet, Lloyd’s of Indiana, with more resources still to come. I know LexJet for many years as one of the more sophisticated suppliers of inkjet media to photographers. But LexJet has grown considerably and is now also an Epson, HP, and Canon dealer too, and now they offer the UV hybrid from DEC as well.

Legend 72HUV DEC Digital Equipment Company
The Legend 72HUV was inspect by Nicholas Hellmuth in summer 2008. In this picture, he showing some samples printed by Legend 72HUV.


Legend 72UV printer reviews
Here the Legend 72UV printer with the digital equipment personnal at site visit, 2008.


The Legend 72UV printer evaluations
This is the LexJet Legend UV lamps.


Printhead carriage, Lexjet Legend UV printer.
Printhead carriage, Lexjet Legend UV printer.




First posted September 2008.