DigiCube S7200 combo-style flatbed UV-curable inkjet printer with moving transport belt Print


This model is no longer available new, but you might find it as a used printer. Regardless of what brand and model, before buying any used printer, we recommend that you realize spare parts may be an issue for printers no longer manufactured. Plus, the main reason why a model is retired is because engineers have developed new (and hopefully better) printheads, ink delivery systems, substrate transport systems, etc. So what may have been an acceptable printer when it was fresh and new, may be not as viable today.

Plus undersand that there are so many old models that it is not realistic for us to update each and every web page going back so many years. So if you need personal assistance, to decide which used printer is worth the risk, you can hire Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth for a personalized consultancy. For more information, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The DigiCube S7200 was launched at DRUPA 2008, in the same hall as all the elite Durst Rho printers and the LED-curing hybrid UV printers of Sun LLC (Neo UV-LED Evolution).

DigiCube S7200 combo hybrid flatbed UV-curable printer reviews
The DigiCube S7200 combo-style flatbed UV-curable inkjet printer with moving transport belt at DRUPA 2008.

It is impressive that a company with no web site, no PR, and only a few months old can get their printer to function better than the Gerber ion which has been around since SGIA 2007. Yes, the DigiCube S7200 was printing quite handsomely, even though it is still under development.

Naming your company after the company where you borrowed most of your experience is risky (Cube 1606 printers of IP&I). But you can't help but be impressed by the chutzpah of exhibiting such a totally unknown brand at the largest trade show in the world next to brands that have been established for over eight years (since DRUPA 2000).

The DigiCube S7200 combo-style flatbed UV-curable inkjet printer with moving transport belt
The DigiCube Co. LTD. booth at DRUPA 2008.

DigiCube S7200 combo-style flatbed UV-curable inkjet printer evaluations
Some samples printed by DigiCube S7200 combo-style flatbed UV-curable inkjet printer.

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I am familiar with the precision and capability of the Cube 260 based on spending several days at their factory in Korea . The IP&I printers (the originators of the word Cube) are considered among the best printers from Asia.

Dilli is another printer manufacturer that receives high respect: their printers are sold by Agfa as the : Anapurna X, : Anapurna M, and other designations. I have been at the Dilli factory for two days, so can vouch for their good heritage.

Although DigiCube appears to be a Korean company, the printer was labeled as being manufactured in Japan, which is confusing.

Since DRUPA is so filled with printers it is not a practical location to do a detailed inspection, so there will be no FLAAR Report on the DigiCube S7200 until it is possible to inspect its factory and test the printer in a demo room.

In the meantime, we are studying the other combo style printers (combo means it has a moving transport belt; hybrid means a printer has a metal platen with pinch rollers pressing onto grit rollers). The GCC StellarJet 100UV is another new combo flatbed printer. The Teckwin TeckStorm is a dedicated flatbed for those printshops who prefer the full-scale flatbed manner of handling rigid media. There are FLAAR Reports on these printers because it has been possible to visit their factories, indeed I will be at the Teckwin factory a second time in July 2008.


First posted June 19, 2008.