Durst Omega 1, a more affordable UV-printer Print
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Durst Omega-1

Durst, based in Italy and Austria, is a printer manufacturer with the reputation of building state-of-the-art printers, which are expectedly among the most expensive wide-format printers in the industry. However at Graphispag 2011 (Spain) Durst exhibited for the first time the Omega 1, a small and more affordable UV-cured printer that handles both rigid and roll-to-roll materials. Of course, when I say “more affordable” please understand that the Durst Rho 1000L is €1,200,000 (US$1,653,000)*.

Specs and Price
The Omega 1 is around the €120,000 (US$165,234)* So it is a 10th of the price of the Rho 1000L. Being a more affordable printer, I would have expected to see it either at ISA or SGIA, where lots of sign shop owners from price-sensitive regions come to check what is new in the market. But so far this model has only been exhibited In European trade shows.

In spite of the price, the quality of the output follows the tradition of the Rho printers. At FESPAHamburg 2011, Durst displayed several nice print samples that showed the fine art capabilities of the Omega 1. Besides, the mere fact that the Omega 1 handles rigid boards makes it more attractive than the HP Scitex LX850 latex printer, whose main drawback at the moment is the lack of rigid capabilities.

Durst Omega-1, print samples

The printer handles rigid and roll media up to 62” (1.60 m) and a thickness of up to 2mm (roll) and 50mm (boards). As for the ink, it comes with CMYK standard but lc, lm, Orange and Violet are available options in the Plus version. Gray and White are also available. As expected, the printheads are Spectra, like in the other Durst inkjet printers, but the model is not specified.


*The figures here are the equivalent in US$ in Nov. 2011, but prices for the USA are not necessarily the equivalent in US$ of the official price in Euros.