Durst Rho 205 UV curable ink flatbed printer Print

Durst is an Italian company. The printers are made across the border in Lienz, Austria. Having lived in Austria for 8 years I can attest to their European craftsmanship in designing and building industrial-strength equipment.

Durst is capably represented in the USA so you get full factory support. Durst of course is also the company which makes the Lamda, the RGB laser imager for top quality photo prints which rival those of LightJet.

We have spent several years checking out the various Durst Rho models since the model 160 was readily available at tradeshows since 2000. We have also followed the progress of the newer Durst Rho 205. All our findings and impressions on this printer are in the FLAAR Reports on UV flatbed printers.

The Durst Rho 205 UV curable ink flatbed printer evaluations
Here is the Durst Rho 205 with several samples. FESPA trade show 2005.

The Durst Rho 205 offered white UV-cured ink. Future options include other spot colors, and spot varnish. In these years VUTEk was not yet able to provide either white ink, nor other spot colors, nor spot varnish. NUR was doing their best to add these features, but Durst offered them already.

Durst Rho 205 UV curable ink flatbed printer reviews
This is the Durst Rho 205 UV curable ink flatbed printer at SGIA 2004.

combo transport belt, Durst Rho 205 UV-curable ink flatbed printer,
Sample printed by Durst Rho 205 UV curable white ink.
Durst Rho 205 and white ink

Image of the Durst Rho 205 printer
More samples printed by the Durst Rho 205 printer, SGIA 2004.

Durst Rho 205 replaced by the Durst Rho 600

The Durst Rho 205 was rather quickly replaced by the Durst Rho 600. So if you are looking at a used Durst Rho 205, be sure to ask what was improved to turn them into a Rho 600.

To learn more about which printers have the features you need (and which other printers lack the features you ought to have), get your hands on the free Previews of the FLAAR Reports on UV-curable ink printers.

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