Eurotech Pars 3.2 meter wide combo flatbed UV-curable wide-format inkjet printer Print

Eurotech solvent ink printers, Eagle S8, Eagle S6, and more

In Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and most of Asia, solvent printers are still preferred since the hardware and ink cost less than a UV printer machine and UV ink (though make your comparison on cost-per-square-meter because one liter of UV ink covers about 40% more square meters than one liter of solvent ink).

So it is logical that a company which began with solvent printers would continue manufacturing and selling solvent printers. Indeed during my visit at the Eurotech factory in March 2009, two solvent printers were being wrapped with protective material preparatory to being shipped. And other solvent printers were having their printheads installed. This documents that printshops are still actively purchasing solvent printers in general and Eurotech solvent printers in particular.

But during this visit the UV printers were not on an assembly line and the printer that looked like a local version of a Gandinnovations AquaJet was still being worked on.


Updated August 6, 2010.

First posted April 6, 2009.