HP Scitex XP2300, 2.3 meter version of HP Scitex XP 2100, XP 2700, XP 5100, and XP 5300 Print

So many printers are being launched at SGIA 2008, that there will be more of interest here than at all 14 days of DRUPA 2008.

It is a challenge to identify which new printers will have which names, but one possible new printer is a 2.3 meter version of the formerly only 3-meter and 5-meter NUR Expedio series.

Concordance of HP Scitex UV printers

NUR Tempo Q = HP Scitex FB6100

Faster replacement for aging NUR Tempo Q = HP Scitex FB7500

NUR Expedio 3200 = HP Scitex XP2100

NUR Expedio Inspiration = HP Scitex XP2700

Possible 2.3 meter version, HP edition = HP Scitex XP2300

NUR Expedio 5000 = HP Scitex XP5100

NUR Expedio Revolution = HP Scitex XP5300

UV-version of the HP TurboJET = HP Scitex TJ8500

HP Scitex XP2300 printer reviews
The HP Scitex XP2300 printer was exhibited at VISCOM Italy trade show 2008.



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First posted September 22, 2008.