The EFI Rastek H650 and H652 UV Combo with transport belt printer Print

The EFI Rastek H650 has been renamed as the EFI H652. The "H" printers are EFI's entry-level UV-curing models ideal for those sign shops looking to upgrade their print services either from solvent-based signage or small format screen printing applications.


Upgrades on the new EFI H652 compared to the original model

The original model came with four ink colors and optional white ink. The new EFI H652 comes with five colors (CMYK+W) standard.

The original H650 carriage design came with four Toshiba Tec CA-4, one for each of the four colors (CMYK) and one head for printing white.

Although we don't have information on the printhead model on the current printer, we do know the printheads brand is still Toshiba Tec, one per color (Toshiba website lists a CA-5 printhead which is a more recent, more advanced printhead model).

These printheads offer grayscale capability, which means they can produce drops of different sizes. EFI's website lists a grayscale capability of up to 8 levels for the printheads on the EFI H652.

These heads produce drops from 6pl to 42pl, resulting in images of a higher quality.

The H652 UV hybrid flatbed printer evaluations

EFI H652 exhibited at ISA 2013

efi Rastek H650 ISA 2010
EFI Rastek H650, ISA 2010

efi Rastek H650 FGS ISA 2010
EFI Rastek H650 at FGS booth ISA 2010

The philosophy behind the EFI H652

The EFI Rastek H650 was designed under the philosophy of building a very user-friendly printer that offers high quality at a price lower than the EFI VUTEk UV-Curing printers. The new iteration continues under the same concept.

The brand name "Rastek" comes from the original manufacturer, Raster Printers, a company led by the industry veteran Rak Kumar, a very knowledgeable individual with outstanding engineering and business capabilities.

Raster Printers was bought by EFI in late 2008.

This printer was manufactured by Raster Printers. However, it was designed according to the requirements of EFI Rastek which had the exclusive distributorship over this model. So you won't find a version of this printer under another brand.

EFI Rastek UV printer fespa mexico 2010.jpg
EFI Rastek H650 at Fespa Mexico 2010. The printer raised so much interest at FESPA Mexico that it was impossible to take a photo from the front.

EFI Rastek UV printer Nazdar fespa mexico 2010
EFI Rastek H650 at Fespa Mexico 2010

EFI Rastek H650 printer fespa munich 2010
EFI Rastek H650 at Fespa Munich 2010

The printer handles both rigid and flatbed media up to 65" (165 cm) wide. Among the materials listed are: Foamcore, PVC, styrene, corrugated plastic, plywood, MDO, Aluminum, plastic composite, cardboard, paper, acrylic, Plexiglas.

EFI Rastek H652, the upgraded version

The newer version comes with the same properties as the original H650 but with these upgrades:

  EFI Rastek H650 EFI H652
Colors CMYK (W optional) CMYK+W
Print speed 230 ft2/hr (21.4 m2/hr) 455 ft2/hr (42.3 m2/hr)
Resoultion 1200 x 600 dpi 1200 x 600 dpi

Since the H652 comes with White, the printer uses 5 printheads, whereas the H650 comes with 4 (5 in case you ask for White).


Acceptance in the Market

As evidence of its acceptance in the market, during ISA 2010 the EFI Rastek H650 was exhibited in three different booths:
• Grimco (distributor)
• Florida Sign Supply (distributor)

Then at FESPA Mexico it was exhibited by
• Nazdar SourceOne

Reviews of the EFI Rastek H650 UV Combo (with transport belt) printer
Some samples printed by the EFI Rastek H650 UV Combo (with transport belt) printer.


EFI Rastek H650 UV, rigid materials such as Plexiglas, wood, boards, ceramic tiles
Here you can see the UV Lamps, the H650 carriage design incorporates five Toshiba Tec CA-4.

This printer was first introduced at ISA '09 in a private room, and was officially launched at FESPA Amsterdam '09. It has also been exhibited in several trade shows like Sign Africa '09, APPPEXPO '09 and Dubai '09.

Jose Melgar visited the EFI Rastek headquarters, in San Jose, California, to evaluate the H650. The resulting report also contains notes taken at FESPA Amsterdam '09. Throughout the years we have met several sign shop owners who purchased an EFI printer. The next step in our evaluation is to inspect the H650 in a sign shop to know how it works in the real world.

EFI Rastek headquarters, H650 printer
Here is Jose Melgar in EFI Rastek company, evaluating the EFI Rastek H650 Combo printer. San Jose, California 2009.


EFI Rastek H650 Combo samples
EFI Rastek H650 Combo printing samples at factory visit. San Jose, California 2009.

The H650 combo printer is a good choice for production print shop businesses that want to jump from solvent printers to UV applications but are looking for an affordable printer than those combo printers in the market. The base price is $64,995. Of course you can find cheaper printers, but with the H650 you have the support of the knowledge, capability and experience of EFI Rastek.

The H650 UV hybrid flatbed printer evaluations

The EFI Rastek H650 UV Combo (with transport belt) printer showing several samples at PRINT' 09.

The EFI Rastek H650 UV Combo (with transport belt) printer

The EFI Rastek H650 UV Combo can print roll-to-roll media as well as rigid media type.
Sign Africa trade show, 2009.



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