REDot Technologies Monsoon UV printer Print

The prototype on display at the mid-March 2008 Prague trade show wasnot working. Sources said that six months work remaining to market.

REDot Technologies, Monsoon UV printer
REDot Technologies Monsoon, Prague 2008.

It is no surprise that it looks like a new model from GRAPO? We will need to learn more, GRAPO Octopus is nice as a roll-to-roll printer for banners, billboards, building wrap, but has difficulties handling hard rigid materials on the combo transport belt (based on significant and unresolved problems in Australia).

At this same show the following UV printers were present:

  • Fuji Acuity (Oce 250GT OEM)
  • ColorSpan 5460uv / HP H35500 /Oce 7060uv all same.
  • Agfa Anapurna M which is a very nice printer made by a capable OEM manufacturer in Korea.

Spandex has a stand but curiously no Gerber ion printer. If there are not even any Gerber ion brochures, that is the best proof that there are potential problems with cationic ink.

No samples, or brochures on any UV. Strange when UV all around their stand, ie. Agfa, HP, Oce, IP&I Cube, Teckwin?? Through other sources I heard rumors of a beta test site in the UK.

But Gerber pulled out of Graphics of the Americas in Miami; totally; not even an empty stand: just empty space; same as DuPont at SGIA last year for their Cromaprint 22uv. It simply disappeared. But VUTEk-EFI pulled out of GoA in Miami too, and they do not intend on disappearing, though the new alliance of HP+ColorSpan+ NUR+Scitex will be tough on VUTEk, as is the popular Gandinnovations Jeti flatbeds.

FLAAR has an updated report on the Gerber ion as well as a separate report on UV ink with a new discussion of the issues of cationic ink.

Noticeable was the fact that GRAPO itself was not at the show with any of their GRAPO-branded printers, either Octopus nor Manta flatbed, yet the “clone” was. Will need to learn what is going on behind the scenes.


First posted March 18, 2008.