Sun Innovations NEO UV-LED TurboSpeed Print

Circa 2012 two of us from FLAAR Reports visited the new factory funded by Rusnano and Sun Innovations. We visited the ink R&D labs, the ink factory, the demo rooms, the factory, and all the corporate headquarters offices.

Sun Innovations NEO UV-LED TurboSpeed
Sun Innovations NEO UV-LED TurboSpeed at drupa 2012

No other research institute takes the interest to spend this much time and effort to study the pros and cons of a wide-format printing system. We do it because of two factors: we are personally interested in seeking out which printers, which inks, and which combined systems can do a good job printing our photo exhibits on tropical flowers, insects, and related archaeology of Guatemala.

The second reason is because at every printer expo in the world printshop owners and distributors come up to introduce themselves and to express how much our earlier reports have helped their printshops or their distribution choices.

We are now updating this page because the company Sun Innovations has not exhibited even at the main Russian expo in Moscow for several years. They also skipped APPPEXPO 2013 (but were present the year before).

APPPEXPO is the largest UV-cured printer expo in the world, so to skip this is rather a clear statement.
It is unclear of whether the factory of ink company still are in their original buildings. Until we can visit a functional ink factory, and visit a functional office and printer factory, it is best to note this situation.

Sun Innovations NEO UV-LED TurboSpeed at drupa 2012
Sun Innovations NEO UV-LED TurboSpeed at drupa 2012

LED-curing is clearly a chemistry and physics which is improving

I enjoyed studying LED-curing about five years ago, but most of the early curing systems were not yet mature. Actually still during 2011, 90% of the LED printed examples at trade show booths were NOT cured. 90% were wet and tacky (it should be also mentioned in fairness that over 25% of mercury-arc UV systems were also not fully cured either).

Sun Innovations printer cartridges closeup, preparing for drupa 2012
Sun Innovations printer cartridges closeup

But one after the other printer manufacturers are switching to LED-curing, or are at least looking at this option.

As soon as drupa 2012 opened we began noting the scores of UV-cured printers which are using LED curing. So this kind of curing is not limited to any one single company. Indeed efi VUTEk is the industry leader in the successful use of LED curing in grand format printers (Sun Innovations printers are large-format, not grand format).

Sun Innovations NEO UV-LED printer closeup image at drupa 2012
Sun Innovations NEO UV-LED printer closeup image at drupa 2012

If you are considering a used printer, of any brand, be sure spare parts are available.

The current status of NEOLT uv-cured printers, Grapo SigmaJet, and Sun Innovations is unclear. WP Digital Virtu has halted production (other than special requests), but in theory their printers should have spare parts still available.


Most recently updated on May 3, 2012. when Sun Innovations did not appear at FESPA Digital 2014.
Also updated on May 3, 2012. First posted May 1, 2012, two days before drupa 2012.