New UV curable hybrid inkjet printers: Triangle Milano 2054cS, 2056cS, 2504cS, and Triangle Milano UV-curable 2506cS Print

New UV curable hybrid inkjet printers: Triangle Milano 2054cS, 2056cS, 2504cS, and Triangle Milano UV-curable 2506cS

Triangle is a respected leader in formulating after-market inks. In the FLAAR article in the FESPA Daily News, we singled out Triangle and Staedtler as two of the after-market ink companies that we know well enough to list as companies whose ink we are considering testing and evaluating. During FESPA ’07 we also had a chance to learn more about Bordeaux inks too, and are considering adding them to our upcoming studies. There are too many companies offering uncertain chemistries from China; you never know what’s inside these ink containers. So we feel it is important to list those after-market ink companies.

Triangle is now expanding from selling only ink. Just as Sericol sells Inca printers, Triangle is starting to sell UV printers too. Their first was the BlueStreak UV, for retrofitting NUR Blueboard printers. This was exhibited at ISA ’07.

At FESPA ’07 Triangle exhibited the Triangle Milano 2054cS, 2056cS, 2504cS, and Triangle Milano UV-curable 2506cS. These are rebranded from Neolt, a well known Italian distributor of inkjet printers. Neolt has their own earlier generation of UV printers (NeoltJet 2050) as well as a new generation, Neolt SuperJet 2500.

Another reason we rate Triangle as an ethical company is that they state openly and clearly that you need adhesion promoters (priming, pre-coating) and that on some materials you may also need liquid laminate to protect the print. Triangle offers BondAid adhesion promoter and CristalBond liquid laminate.

Triangle Milano UV-curable 2054cS printer reviews
Triangle Milano UV-curable 2506cS at FESPA 2007

Most other UV printer companies try to claim that their printers will ”print on anything and everything.” They blissfully forget to notify buyers that although their ink will indeed print on anything, it won’t adhere and/or it will abrade off easily.

So Triangle gets good marks on several aspects of their advertising.

Anteprima is the European wide format division of Triangle Coatings, which in turn recently became part of INX.

For 2007-2008, FLAAR Reports on UV Printers will require factory and demo room visits.

In the past we could write comments on UV printers from our general background, general information we received (we have antennae up everywhere and receive information from around the world), and from intense inspection during trade shows. But now there are so many new UV-curable printers that a trade show does not offer enough time.

So starting last year actually, with GRAPO Manta and GRAPO Octopus, we began adding inspections at the factory, company headquarters, and main demo room as a key ingredient. That’s why our reports on MacDermid ColorSpan, Gandinnovations and other brands are in-depth: we have complete access to documentation and opportunities for hands-on testing.

So as soon as it is possible to have access to full documentation, to the demo center, etc, then we will issue an evaluation-review of the Triangle Milano printer series. Until that time, here are examples of FLAAR Reports that have resulted from factory visits to other UV manufacturers.

Triangle Milano Manufacturing Premium Inkjet Inks
Triangle booth at Shanghai 2008.


Triangle Milano UV-curable evaluations
The Triangle Milano UV-curable was exhibited at ISA 2008.
Triangle Coatings UV inks


Plenty of other hybrid UV-curable flatbeds are available: ColorSpan HP Designjet, DEC Legend 72HUV, Neolt, etc.

Plus you may want to read the FLAAR Report on classifications of UV printers to understand the difference between a hybrid and a combo and a true flatbed.



First posted June 18, 2007.