HP-Scitex FB910 UV combo printer reviews begin Print

The ColorSpan 9840uv becomes entry level to the world of serious production machines with an HP Scitex designation: HP-Scitex FB910. Combo-style means it has a moving transport belt, as opposed to a stationary platen (which is called hybrid style).

This is the HP Scitex FB910 UV combo printer, this printer works with transport belt and stationary platen. ISA trade show 2008.

You can experiment printing on, Coroplast, Fome-cor, GatorBoard, Komatex, Sintra and other materials. Many UV printer brands can’t print well on Coroplast, or the ink falls off after a few weeks. But I visited a printshop outside Chicago that used the ColorSpan 9840uv primarily on Coroplast: all day every day.

Now that this printer has a new name and a new home, it’s time to undertake a new evaluation. This way we can address any issues that are widely known and see how they have been, or will be, resolved by the newly designated team through HP.

Another reason why now (summer 2008) is a good time to take a fresh look at the HP Scitex FB910 is because so many other combo style UV printers are available, especially the IP&I Cube 260, the GCC StellarJet 250uv, the various Dilli printers (gaining increasing market share via Agfa). At the high end Durst has introduced many new combo style printers, such as the Rho 700; Screen has introduced their Truepress jet2500UV. No wonder VUTEk and HP have more competition. There are now combo style printers even at entry level: the RasterPrinters Daytona H700UV.

HP-Scitex FB910 UV combo printer reviews and evaluations
HP Scitex FB910 being tested during February at GOA 2008, by Nicholas Hellmuth.

The new name for the ColorSpan 5440uv series is HP Designjet H35100 and HP Designjet H45100. The actual full list is as follows:

HP Designjet H35100 was ColorSpan 5440uv
HP Designjet H35500 was ColorSpan 5460uv
HP Designjet H45100 was ColorSpan 5445uv
HP Designjet H45500 was ColorSpan 5465uv

HP Scitex FB910 was the ColorSpan 9840uv

HP Scitex FB910 replace ColorSpan 9840 Uv reviews and evaluations
Samples printed with HP Scitex FB910 uv Combo Printer at GOA 2008.

Image of the HP-Scitex FB910 printer
Here is the HP Scitex FB910 printer at DRUPA 2008.
Picture of the Image of the HP-Scitex FB910 printer


These printers will be re-reviewed as soon as they are available under their new names, HP-Scitex 910, HP Designjet H35000, H35100, and HP Designjet H45000, H45100, and the new FLAAR Reports will focus on their new features and their new HP Designjet names.

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Most recently updated June 17, 2008, after DRUPA.

First posted the last days of January 2008 after we had seen the new designation in several places, especially on Russian web sites.