Screen Truepress Jet650UV flatbed UV printer competes with Mimaki UJF-605CII Print

The Dainippon Screen Truepress Jet650UV was not physically present at FESPA '07 in Berlin , but sample output was in the far back of the Screen booth. You would have missed this unless you really looked into every corner of the booth (I missed it the first three days).

The output looked gorgeous, and will be serious competition for the Mimaki UJF-605CII (flatbed) and Mimaki UJF-605RII (roll fed). These two Mimaki printers have been out and available for several years now, indeed many of our readers request our FLAAR Reports on these printers so they can decide whether or not they will consider purchasing these models or perhaps another one (we have reports on over 45 different UV printers).

Another medium-format flatbed is the Yishan YS0604-FG and Yishan YS0608-FG. But this has not been exhibited at any trade show I have visited, not even in the large Yishan booth that had three other models of their UV printers (one hybrid and two different flatbeds).

But we can't write an evaluation of a Screen Truepress Jet650UV until we can actually see one and do test prints in a demo room. But in the meantime, below are the FLAAR Reports that are on comparable-sized UV printers.

Screen Truepress Jet650UV flatbed UV printer reviews
Sample by the Screen Truepress Jet650UV flatbed UV printer.

Another sophisticated dedicated flatbed UV printer is the InnoJet UV900 flatbed, from Lotte Digital Imaging in Korea.

Media Technology Company as part of Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co. Ltd

Dainippon Screen is a name I know and respect: they made the Cezanne flatbed scanners. I always wished I had a Cezanne scanner to test, but CreoScitex sent us two of their scanners: EverSmart Supreme and iQsmart, so those are the scanners we feature. Kind of hard to evaluate a scanner that we don’t have.

Screen also makes A1 size GenaScan A0/A1. But again, we feature the Cruse scanner because Cruse GmbH provided one: we have been issuing reports on it now for over six years. I have not seen this since DRUPA 2004, and the booth attendant (a European sales rep) was not very enthusiastic so we never got much information. So we wrote up the CST large format scanner, since their booth attendant was more enthusiastic.

Screen also makes a remarkable drum scanner, the SG-8060P Mark II, but since we have more experience with the ICG, that’s the one we feature on (where we also cover drum scanners and sheet-fed scanners).

Thus I know Dainippon Screen mainly from their excellent scanners. But Media Technology Company is a division that I hope to learn more about. If their UV printers are as good as their scanners, FLAAR will enjoy studying them and evaluating the UV printers. Hopefully we will have more access to the UV printers than was available for the nice Screen scanners: we have over $160,000 worth of scanners in our evaluation facilities: but not one from Screen.

There was no booth of Dainippon Screen at ISA 2007. Screen had a booth at FESPA Digital 2008, but showed only their combo printer, the Screen Truepress Jet2500UV. So the Screen Truepress Jet650UV has never been shown at any trade show in the US or Europe that I have yet seen.

Dainippon Screen Truepress Jet650UV flatbed printer evaluations
The Dainippon Screen Truepress Jet650UV at DRUPA 2008.
Samples by the Screen Truepress Jet650UV
Samples by the Screen Truepress Jet650UV.


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First posted June 18, 2007.