Inca Spyder 320 Q Print

The Oce Arizona 250 GT dedicated flatbed was the first UV printer that demonstrated that end-users really wanted higher quality, especially for text. Oce and Fujifilm together have sold more Arizona 250 GT printers than all current model ColorSpan and all HP UV printers put together (HP 35000 and HP Scitex FB910).

So now Dainippon Screen / Inca Digital has improved their venerable Spyder 320 Q with a new printhead which offers a 10 picoliter drop size. But still, sales of the Arizona 250 GT are ahead of all Inca and all Gandinovations Jeti flatbeds. The Gerber ion flatbed, unfortunately, attempted to use unproven cationic ink chemistry so still does not function well enough to convince most skeptics.

There is no FLAAR Report on any Inca Digital printer (not on the Columbia Turbo either) because so many other companies are now producing UV-cured flatbed printers, our time during 2007 and 2008 has been filled with inspecting the printers in the manufacturing sites and testing UV printers in the headquarters demo rooms (obviously it is not realistic to expect having giant and expensive printers sent to any university for testing in our own facilities; no university has the space and there are too many UV printers that need to be tested).

So FLAAR has moved to St Louis where there are more printshops that have UV printers in situ. Here we can undertake site-visit case studies of UV-curable flatbed printers in action. Also in St Louis we are closer to an airport where it is easier to fly to other locations for testing UV flatbed printers. Our main office continues in Guatemala (where a NUR Tempo, Infiniti UV and many Gandinnovations Jeti 1224 UV flatbed printers are available).

It was possible to walk through the Inca Digital factory in Cambridge, UK, last year (2007), but this visit was to inspect the Sun FastJet, so that entire day was dedicated to the page-array FastJet (their demo room is in the building adjacent to that of the Spyder 320, Inca Spyder 150, and Inca Columbia Turbo).

Inca Spyder 320 Q printer reviews
Inca Spyder 320 Q printer at VISCOM Spain 2007.
Inca Spyder 320 Q, Inca Spyder 320-8 series, Inca Spyder 320+ six colors

Hopefully in the future it will be possible to cover the full range of Inca Spyder 320 printers by having an opportunity to spend more time at a Fujifilm Sericol, Inca Digital demo room. Here are the printers that lack FLAAR Reports.

Inca Spyder 320 Q

Inca Spyder 320-8 series

Inca Spyder 320+ with six colors

Inca Spyder 320+ with white

Inca Spyder 320-e (introductory model with half the printheads)

For printshops that wish a full FLAAR Report on a dedicated flatbed, our most recent report (July 2008) is on the Teckwin TeckStorm, based on two days inspecting and testing this printer on its assembly line. By the end of July there will also be FLAAR Reports on the Gandinnovations NanoJet, Jeti 1224, and Jeti 2030 dedicated flatbed printers based on a second visit to this factory and associated demo/test rooms (two days for the first visit; another two days during mid-July 2008).

Inca Spyder 320 Q printer evaluations
Here is the Inca Spyder 320 Q printer at ISA 2008.

There are also FLAAR Reports on combo flatbeds, such as the Durst Rho 800, Durst Rho 351R, Dilli Neo Venus, IP&I Cube 260, GCC StellarJet 250uv: all because it was possible to spend several days or up to a week (at Durst), testing and evaluating each of these printers at each company's world headquarters demo room, and factory.

Inca Spyder 320 Q printer, white ink
Inca Spyder 320 Q printer, white ink.


Most recently updated July 14, 2008, after Shanghai 2008.

First posted May 8, 2008.