Hypernics Hyperjet UV-F2515, Hypernics Hyperjet UV-FR2513 UV-curable Flatbed Print

Hypernics used to have a nice web site with a friendly hello from CEO Chul Sik Oc. He introduces his UV Curable Inkjet printer Hyperjet UV-F2515, Hypernics Hyperjet UV-FR2513.

They were scheduled to be at SGIA 2003, but we missed them somehow. I do not have a mention of them in our FLAAR Report on SGIA 2003. But at a large trade show it is possible to miss one printer. Or it may have been in a booth of another name. Or sometimes companies simply cancel at the last minute.

We did not see them at SGIA 2004 either; nor did Azero Creon have a major booth in October 2004 (at least not with their UV printer).

Now the Hypernics.com website seems to have disappeared. All the links to Hypernics that were on Google have disappeared. So it seems that Hypernics itself has disappeared too. This is unfortunately because their Azero Creon printers looked so nice and their US distributor worked so hard to establish themselves.

But the capable engineers who worked at Hypernics have now formed their own company, IP&I. Their new printer is the IP&I Cube 260.

Dilli / D.G.I., elsewhere in Korea, appears alive and well. Fortunately other UV-curable inkjet printer manufacturers are doing just fine. We cover the following UV printers on various FLAAR websites:



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First posted November 23, 2004. Updated Nov. 25, 2005.