Dilli NeoVenus UV-curable flatbed inkjet printer Print
Dilli NeoVenus UV-curable flatbed inkjet printer
Nicholas Hellmuth inspecting the Dilli Neo Venus UV at ISA 2008.

Dilli is a serious company in Korea with years of experience designing and manufacturing combo-style flatbed UV-curable inkjet printers. Their partner company, D.G.I., makes solvent ink printers that are sold and used all over the world.

In the beginning, their UV printers were marketed under the name of D.G.I. (both companies are owned by members of the same family). I have watched the D.G.I. UV-cured flatbed printers in 2003, 2004 evolve into the Dilli brand name. These printers have professional design and are carefully manufactured to the standards you expect of a European, American, or Japanese printer. These are completely different from Chinese UV-cured flatbed inkjet printers such as Infiniti, Yishan (one UV series is rebranded as Digirex) or others such as Creation.

Here is the Dilli booth at SGIA trade show 2007.

But since the Dilli factory is so far away, few people are really familiar with their quality. We have visited the HP factory and research facilities both in Barcelona (Spain) and San Diego (California); we have visited the Roland distributorship in California; we have visited VUTEk’s headquarters and factory (three times now); we have spent an entire week testing in the Raster Printers demo room in California, so are familiar with how they improve the Flora 1800 UV and turn it into the 720UVZ or Daytona. And last year we are guests of GRAPO at their factory in the Czech Republic.

But we have not seen the Dilli factory nor their showroom; only at trade shows. There are no installations near our offices in Ohio or Guatemala and we have not yet found any installations in cities that we visit (such as St Louis: there we have undertaken digital printer product evaluations of a Zund 215, an Infiniti UV, a VUTEk PressVu 200/600, and a Luscher JetPrint).

Dilli NeoVenus UV-curable flatbed inkjet printer evaluations
Dilli NeoVenus UV-curable flatbed inkjet printer.


Here the Dilli NeoVenus printing samples at SGIA 2007.

As soon as we can visit Dilli, and visit KoSign or comparable Korean trade show, we will report back. This year we went to Istanbul to inspect Eurotech’s factory as well as do a site-visit of a Gandinnovations solvent printer in Istanbul, and undertook two site-visit case studies of IP&I printers in Korea, but every hour of that entire week was booked solid, so it will need a return visit to dedicate ourselves to visiting Dilli and D.G.I. We have a high respect for all the three major Korean brands of UV printers: Dilli, IP&I, and Keundo. European companies do also: Agfa rebadges Dilli UV printers as the :Anapurna L, XL, and M. But it is not the NeoVenus that is rebranded for Agra, it is the Dilli Titan that is the Agfa :Anapurna M and the Dilli NeoPlus that receives a different color hood as the :Anapurna L and XL and a gray exterior to become the Mutoh UV printer.

Image of Dilli NeoVenus UV-curable flatbed inkjet printer
Dilli Neo Venus printer at Shanghai 2008.


Picture of Dilli NeoVenus UV-curable flatbed inkjet printer
Wide Media booth, the distributor of the Dilli Neo Venus in Mexico. FESPA Mexico 2008.


Control area, Dilli NeoVenus printer.
Control area, Dilli NeoVenus printer.



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First posted Sept 19, 2006.