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During 2007 more dedicated flatbed printers will be launched at ISA, FESPA, and SGIA: Raster Printers Daytona T600uv is one, two new models of Gandinnovations are others. Plus companies that previously did only combo-style UV printers will need to issue a dedicated flatbed in order to catch up with Gandinnovations best-selling Jeti flatbed series.

So for 2007 we are increasing our coverage of UV-cured inkjet printers by visiting the factories, corporate headquarters, and factory demo rooms. We spent two days at the Gandinnovations factory in Toronto, taking notes on their two new models of UV printers (we discuss both and show pictures of the new smaller flatbed model in the updated FLAAR Reports on Gandinnovations Jeti flatbed machines, available from, in the link at the right to UV printers.

Cost, price comparisons of flatbed printers

When you go to the actual factory, and look inside these Inca printers, you can quickly see why their price tag is what it is. So if you are doing price comparisons of flatbed printers, realize that you get what you pay for.

Inca printers are made to last. You don’t necessarily notice this at a trade show, since you see primarily the sheet metal outside. So we found that the factory visit was well worthwhile.

reviews of the Inca Columbia Turbo UV-cured flatbed printers
Inca Columbia Turbo Plus UV-curable flatbed inkjet printers printing samples at ISA trade show 2008.
evaluations of the Inca Columbia Turbo UV-cured flatbed printers

It costs about $3,000 to get to the factory by the time you pay airfare, hotel, meals, etc. But you can get the insights from the FLAAR Reports, including unique views inside the factory, for less than $300 (so it’s a bargain comparing with loosing three days flying back and forth yourself). Sooner or later you may wish to visit the factory nonetheless, but you should start off by getting your hands on the FLAAR Reports first.

Inca Columbia Turbo UV-cured wide format flatbed printers
FLAAR Reports on the Inca Columbia Turbo UV-cured flatbed printers
Image of Inca Columbia TurboUV
Photo of Image of Inca Columbia TurboUV

If you want to see the difference between a printer made in China and a printer made by a world-class engineering firm, then visit the actual factories. Here is Nicholas at the world headquarters of Inca Digital Printers Ltd, in Cambridge, England.

We work hard to gather fresh factual information so that the FLAAR Reports on UV printers continue to be unique. Factory visits are just one factor that contribute to make the FLAAR Reports the de facto resources on UV printers.


Image of the the Inca Columbia Turbo UV-cured flatbed printers
Inca Columbia Turbo UV-curable flatbed inkjet printers at DRUPA trade show 2004.



First posted March 9, 2007.