JHF Vista uses Spectra 256 printheads Print
consulting Asia trade shows
consulting Asia trade shows

The choices for UV printers nowadays are KonicaMinolta printheads, Toshiba Tec printheads, Hitachi (now Ricoh), Spectra or Xaar heads.

Generally each brand offers several different printheads. Each offers a different size of picoliter drops are available; one, or the other (you don’t get both in the same head). Chines manufacturers tend to offer the buyer the choice of heads (within reason). You can also select how many heads you wish per color. And select how many colors.

The result is a bewildering mass of different model names that are all the same printer but just different widths and different head configurations.

JHF Vista UV-cured inkjet printer
JHF Vista booth at Shanghai 2007.

Many JinHengFeng (JHF) UV-cured flatbed printers in China but why are the JHF Vista UV2508D, UV2506DS, and UMP150D now shown in US and Europe?

In an attractive brochure at the Shanghai summer 2006 trade show, the JinHengFeng booth showed photos of their Vista UMP150D UV-cured inkjet flatbed printer, Vista UV2506DS UV curable, and Vista UV2508D UV-cured flatbed printers.

JHF Vista UV2506DS printer reviews
JHF Vista UV2506DS printer at Shanghai trade show 2008.

JinHengFeng Digital Science & Technology Development Co Ltd

JinHengFeng Digital Science & Technology Development Co Ltd is a well known and internationally recognized Chinese manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers. JHF make solvent-based inkjet printers that they exhibit at some trade shows in the USA and Europe . But they do not show their UV-cured flatbed inkjet printers in Europe or much in the USA either. So no price comparisons are available until more access is available to their flatbed UV-cured inkjet printers.



First posted August 30, 2006.