Qumtum P2 flatbed wide-format inkjet printer from Seaband Print

Seaband Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a small company that offers uniquely styled solvent inkjet printers for the last several years. Now they offer two UV printers: a hybrid (Qumtum F6) and a dedicated flatbed (Qumtum P2).

The problem is that none of these UV-curable inkjet printers is available for evaluation, or product review because they never appear at trade shows; not even at the major Chinese event in Shanghai this summer (July 2007).

So until we can be in the Seaband demo room and learn about the Qumtum P2 and F6 UV printers in person, we can’t undertake any comparative equipment evaluations with the CALCA UV flatbed printer, with the Yinghe UV-FLAT-1224, or with the JHF Vista 2506 DS or Vista 2508D+ UV flatbed printers.

Not only are spec sheets minimalistic, there is usually no information on price, so price comparisons are pending.

But a first step is to track down all these printers, and then gradually we obtain the missing information and update the web pages.

Seaband Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Seaband Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. booth at Shanghai trade show 2007.



First posted July 23, 2007.