Yishan Digital Technology Series B YS2406, Series B, YS2407-EP and Yishan Technology Series J, YS2506-DJ UV-cured inkjet flatbed printers Print

At the summer 2006 trade show in Shanghai, the attractive Yishan brochure offered several flatbed UV-cured inkjet printers:

  • Series B YS2406
  • Series B, YS2407-EP
  • Series J, YS2506-DJ

At the summer 2007 Shanghai trade show the large booth exhibited

And the brochure showed a Series G uv-curable flatbed printer, but did not present it in person.

The Series J disappeared from the Yishan 2007 brochure.

Yishan printhead
Yishan series B flatbed printer at Shanghai 2007 trade show in China.

But no Yishan flatbed UV-cured inkjet printer is available in the US

Although there is no major international distributor for Yishan in America, there are probably only one or two Yishan UV printers in the USA. So there is no “Yishan USA” like there is a Teckwin USA. So realize that tech support and spare parts may be a challenge.

Also, dedicated flatbed printers with tech support are available from

And others.

Yishan also makes solvent ink printers, sold as Poli-Jet by Polisigns

This page is on Yishan UV-curable inkjet printers. We have separate FLAAR Reports on Chinese solvent ink printers. These other full-color reports in PDF format reveal the relationship between Yishan and Polisigns, of Florida. However Polisigns is not yet exhibiting or offering Yishan UV-curable inkjet flatbed printers.


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Yinghe -UV-FLAT-1224 UV-cured wide-format inkjet printer evaluations
Here is Nicholas Hellmuth in his site-visit to see the Yishan UV at PIMMS in Istanbul. But they did not show this printer except in 2005.


Most recently updated July 23, 2007.

First posted August 30, 2006. Updated Oct. 30, 2006.