BlueStreak UV-cured roll-to-roll printer for signage, a daring retrofit of a former NUR Blueboard solvent printer by ISI Print
ISI BlueStreak UV-curable roll to roll
ISI BlueStreak UV roll-to-roll printer for billboards and banners, is a retrotitted NUR Blueboard solvent printer. The ISI BlueStreak was inspected by FLAAR editor Nicholas Hellmuth and Technical Writer from FLAAR, Juan Luis Sacayon, during November 2008, at Print Division, the largest billboard printing company in Slovenia, in Maribor, just a few kilometers south of Graz, Austria.

The ISI BlueStreak was launched for the public at ISA ’07. This is a retrofit of the solvent printer NUR Blueboard. Since the NUR Blueboard is a solid tank, that will last for decades, it was a good frame and chassis to start with. But all the UV curing system is added at ISI in Alabama.

ISI was purchased by Sakata INX. INX also bought Anteprima SRL, a Milan-area engineering company responsible for the Neolt and Milano UV printers.

During November 2008 it was possible to visit a large printing company in Europe who had three of the ISI BlueStreak UV printers and many more of the ISIJet 3400 solvent printers.

The ISI BlueStreak UV-curable roll to roll evaluations
Here Nicholas Hellmuth analyzing the ISI BlueStreak UV roll-to-roll printer
ISI BlueStreak UV-curable roll to roll, NUR Blueboard solvent printer

Since the ISIJet is not longer exhibited at any trade show, and as the ISI BlueStreak is likewise not really exhibited, there is no full-scale FLAAR Report on either of these printers. But if you have any interest in either ISI printer, UV or solvent, you should invest some precautionary money in hiring FLAAR as a consultant first, before you decide whether to select the BlueStreak or one of the competing roll-to-roll UV-curing printers listed below.

The printer itself is roughly $135,000 if you provide the old NUR Blueboard. If you do not have an old Blueboard chassis yourself, then the price of the BlueStreak is $135,000 plus the cost of an old chassis (plenty are available). But the logical question is, do you really want a ten year old UV printer?

Competing roll-to-roll UV-curing printers

(We list here only the really heavy-duty models, Comparing prices is tough, since every printer offers different advantages. And a few of these models have notable issues.)

FLAAR is offering personalized consulting at each trade show. You can walk-the-floor with the Senior Editor of FLAAR and get his comments on any and all printers, inks, RIP software, color management, substrates, applications, etc.

So if you wish to learn about the difference between combo, hybrid, and dedicated UV printers, how latex ink compares, about textile printers, etc. contact FLAAR to obtain consulting.

You can also get consulting before ISA or FESPA anywhere in the world: Dubai, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, China, Korea, London and more.

Durst Rho 351R
Durst Rho 320R
Gandinnovations Jeti 3348 Jetspeed
NUR Expedio 5000 = HP Scitex XP5100
NUR Expedio Revolution = HP Scitex XP5300
Matan Barak 5 HS

Every single one of these printers has its pros and cons, aspects which you will never see at any trade show in the US or in Europe. Each of these printers offers many benefits; but each has a few issues that you need to learn about (preferably in advance, before you make your decision). This is why FLAAR offers person consulting services, so we can discuss each brand, each model, and decide which best fits you needs today and into the future.

End-users report that some NUR Expedio 3200 models have issues (HP Scitex XP2700) The VUTEk QS3200r is not a bad printer, but is not considered by industry analysts to be innovative or heavy duty when compared with the Durst Rho, Matan Barak, or Gandinnovation Jeti printers.

The new Spuhl roll-to-roll printer has been delayed because the company was sold, and is now part of WP Digital AG. It is unsure what will happen with L&P Virtu printers in the US or Spuhl printers in the future.

Competing roll-to-roll UV printers with combo style moving belts

Grapo Shark.

Most other combo style printers are primarily intended to be flatbeds that can also handle roll-fed material. The Grapo Shark is a combo printer that is intended primarily for roll-to-roll production but can also handle flat material on its rolling combo transport belt.

To compare prices is the standard way to select a printer, but in reality you need to know about tech support, whether the printer is still being manufactured (or has been abandoned), and other factors count more than price.

ISI BlueStreak UV-curable roll to roll reviews
ISI BlueStreak UV-curable roll to roll at ISA 2007.


First posted November 24, 2008.