Durst Rho 351R replaces Durst Rho 350R Print

The Durst Rho 350R experimented with offering cationic UV ink as an option. This ink from Japan was a disaster.

Durst Rho 350R printer reviews
Durst Rho 350R (old version) at Viscom Milan trade show 2005.

The Zund 250 also tried cationic ink (from Sericol). This cationic ink was a complete failure.

So it now Durst offers an update, the Rho 351R. No more option for cationic ink.

Durst Rho 351R roll-fed UV-curable printer
Durst Rho 351R roll-fed UV-curable printer.

While on this same subject, Gerber is bravely still trying to make cationic UV ink chemistry work in its ion printer.

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Other roll-fed UV printers hold most of the market share.

The NUR Expedio 5000 was the first roll-to-roll UV printer, so it had a head start. Together with the Expedio 3200 Inspiration NUR holds about 70% of the market for dedicated roll-fed printers.

Gandinnovations also offered one following the lead of NUR. Now that NUR has over 70% of the market share HP Scitex is trying to come out with a competing model, HP Scitex XL2200.

You don’t see the Durst Rho 351R at many trade shows so it has not been possible to write any report on it. But for the NUR Expedio 5000 and NUR Expedio Inspiration, I have been to Israel twice, each time for two days, so reports are available on both. If you compare prices the NUR UV ink cost is relatively reasonable.

To study the Gandinnovations roll-fed UV printer I went to Lisbon to do a site-visit case study, plus I have been a guest for two days at the Gandy factory in Toronto, plus all User Manuals were made available long ago (for all the NUR printers too).






First posted November 30, 2007.