Teckwin TeckUV S3000 at FESPA ’07 and TeckUV S2400 dedicated flatbed UV printers Print

The size and footprint of the Teckwin TeckUV S3000 is impressive. Indeed it appears (looks) bigger than the NUR Tempo. The only other UV flatbed that has such a giant appearance is the Luscher JetPrint UV printer.

Teckwin TeckUV S2400 UV-curable flatbed printer reviews
Teckwin TeckUV S2400 printer at FESPA 2007
Teckwin TeckUV S3000 dedicated UV-cured flatbed printer, Teckwin TeckUV S2400 UV-curable flatbed printer

But the Luscher JetPrint flatbed has been withdrawn: simply too large to function adequately. There was no Luscher UV printer in the downsized KIWO booth at ISA ’07, and none at the large Luscher booth at FESPA ’07.

So far this is the first time I have seen the Teckwin TeckUV S3000. It was printing about half the times that I passed by the booth, which is a good start.

TheTeckwin TeckUV S2400 UV-curable flatbed printer evaluations
Here is the Teckwin TeckUV S2400 showing some samples at FESPA 2007.

Teckwin TeckUV S2400/S3000 reviews
Here is the Teckwin TeckUV S2400 showing some samples at FESPA 2007.

Teckwin and Tepede join forces

In the US Teckwin has joined with Nazdar SourceOne. In Europe Teckwin has partnered with Tepede. Both are well known distributors. I have seen Tepede booths at DRUPA 2000, 2004, and possibly at early CeBIT shows (when CeBIT was still a feature on the inkjet printer landscape circa 2001-2002).

In the past Teckwin’s solvent printers joined with 3M, Gerber, and Matan. But that was in past years. Today the future is UV-curable flatbed, hybrid, and combo printers.

It will be essential to document that the new generation of Teckwin UV printers are more consistent in all aspects than what 3M, Gerber, and Matan reported for former generation solvent printers. I understand that the new Teckwin factory in Shanghai is impressive, and they have more years experience today than when they tried to offer solvent printers via 3M, Gerber, and Matan.

Plus, even Swiss-made printers change from problematic to impressive. The Zund 250 at DRUPA 2004 was withdrawn two years later (poor cationic chemistry in premature Sericol cationic ink did not interact well with Spectra heads of that generation). So Zund devoted two years to improving this machine. Today the Zund 250 is one of the more innovative and solidly built UV printers at FESPA ‘07.

But at a trade show booth it’s hard to learn which printers are really good, which are average, and which fall apart when you run them for a few months. To learn whether a printer can hold up we visit printshops and undertake site-visit case studies.

Factory Visits as crucial to learning about a UV printer

To learn which printers are solidly constructed it is informative to visit the factories: have spent 2 days at Zund (en route to FESPA ‘07), two days at Gandinnovations in Toronto, two days at GRAPO in the Czech Republic (Manta and Octopus UV printers), two separate trips to the Vutek factory in beautiful New Hampshire, four separate trips to the MacDermid ColorSpan factory, plus productive visits to NUR Macroprinters in Israel, Inca Digital and Sun Chemical FastJet in the UK, and FLAAR was guest an entire week at the Mutoh Europe factory.

FLAAR Reports on dedicated flatbed UV printers

We would like to add a report on the Teckwin TeckUV S2400 and Teckwin TeckUV S3000 dedicated UV-cured flatbed printers, but there are so many other UV flatbed printers that until we can get to the Teckwin factory or demo centers in the US and Europe, we offer our already finished FLAAR Reports on other dedicated flatbed UV printers:

  • Gandinnovations Jeti

  • GRAPO Manta

  • Mimaki JF-1631

  • Oce Arizona 250 GT

We are familiar with the Mimaki because FLAAR was invited to help its launch to European distributors and dealers. We are familiar with the Gandy and GRAPO flatbeds because we have been to each factory, for several days, and have recently been invited back to each for more research.

Comparative prices and ratings will be easier when the prices are known for the TeckUV S3000 and S2400 and whether it will be available in the US :these Teckwin flatbed UV printers were not shown at ISA ’07.


First posted June 18, 2007.