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FLAAR evaluates which printer and media is best for indoor POP signs, banners, and posters by actually using the printers. FLAAR has offices at Bowling Green State University, Ohio and Francisco Marroquin University, Guatemala so we have plenty of opportunit ies to print signs, banners, and posters for music concerts, theater, sports events, etc.

We select printers on the basis of ease-of-use, speed, quality of the image, and whether or not different kinds of media may be printed. For example, a sign shop would be better off with any thermal printhead system because all printers with this kind of printhead can print a wide variety of media. Thus Encad, ColorSpan, Graphtec, or Hewlett-Packard would all be safe choices.

Encad NovaJet 700, 600, 500 wide format color inkjet printers
Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 2800CP, 3800CP large format plotters
Encad NovaJet large format printer
Hewlett-Packard DesignJet large format printer

Piezo printheads cannot print very fast and require special media, which may be expensive. Therefore, they are not a good idea if you have to print numerous copies of the same sign or poster. Printing a banner could also take several hours if you use a piezo printer. If you print a significant number of banners be sure to purchase fast RIP software, since banners can take hours to RIP.

Bring your own large format printer into your office, studio, or workplace and you will be forever thankful you made this decision. We are expanding coverage of all the potential uses of large format printers, and will report on every aspect.

This increased coverage is based on the flood of e-mail s that pours in everyday from all over the world asking our opinion o n w hat wide format printer is best for their needs.

These e-mails form a blueprint for expanding this site and show ing precisely which markets and market niches are developing. We can better render a public service and assist in public education when we learn the technological needs, problems and concerns of individuals.

For thousands of users, having their own large format in-house printer is a fu n a dventure in digital imaging. There are few things in the digital world more satisfying then seeing your own graphic or photograph enlarged on a high quality large format printer.

Locations, situations
In-house copy shops, repro depts
in museums, planetariums, colleges, universities, and similar institutions
in government departments, corporations, and comparable in-house business use
Schools of all grades
this is a different use than an in-house copy shop; many schools
Museums, colleges, universities: for individual departmental use
totally overlooked is the rising market for individual departments within a museum, college, or university to have their own wide-format printer, even in the office or lab of an individual professor
It is a lot more convenient to have a printer in your own office than to have to deal with a printer in a repro shop across campus in another building over the network. Kind of hard to do proofs or samples unless you can try them out with your own equipment in your own office.
Ad agencies
and/or their graphics departments
billboards are not something you would normally print with a normal wide format printer.
Printing billboards (or covering entire buildings) is a specialty niche using special super-large printers that print 16' wide. See www.wide-format-printers.org for list of all the companies that make billboard printers, such as Scitex.
Real estate
Vehicle graphics
covering buses and trucks primarily
Courtroom graphics
so far usually in a graphics design studio but would be useful in-house for larger legal firms to show statistics
(bar charts, pie charts) as well as to portray bloody car wrecks to influence the jury.
For photographers
in photo studios
to produce exhibit prints, posters, signs, banners
Window displays
HP or Encad are perfect for printing window displays.
Floor graphics
requires specialty slip-proof top surface and adequate adhesive for sticking on the floor (yet eventually removable).
So you will need a bit of experience before you tackle floor graphics. The market, however, is booming.
reproducing maps can be done for fine art (old maps with attractive decorations) or for practical modern
purposes. Special crush-proof and even waterproof media are available from one leading provider of inkjet media.
Military use
to produce maps as well as all normal signage required by any large corporation.
Fine art giclee printers
see introduction on www.wide-format-printers.org
see an entire site devoted to fine art giclee, namely www.FineArtGicleePrinters.org
Printing on textiles
There are really two different uses related to textiles. 1: printing designs, signs, banners or other artwork on fabric, cloth, eg, on textiles. There are certain printers, media and inks which may be better for printing on textiles.
2: proofing textile designs or proofing wallpaper designs. This use is best accomplished by modified printers such as those of Encad, ColorSpan, or Roland.

We have a separate section on textile printers on another web site, www.FineArtGicleePrinters.org

Vinyl printers and cutters
see list of printers in www.wide-format-printers.org
see list of vinyl printers towards the bottom of Home page of this site (www.large-format-printers.org)

Most recent updated: June 9, 2005.
First posted Nov. 9, 2001, Feb.4, 2003.