GCC Stellar Jet 200UV UV-cured inkjet Print

GCC had a large booth with enthusiastic staff. Most Chinese companies have entirely Chinese personnel at their booths, to the point where language communication is awkward. But GCC had American staff and their brochure pictures a typical American standing next to their machine (we don’t know whether clip art or an actual employee).

The company lists offices for Jiangsu, China, Taiwan, so it is fair to assume this is a Chinese manufacturer. So the immediate question is, what tech support, or any kind of presence do they really have in the US. This is part of our review.

Our FLAAR Report indicates the results of when we telephoned the office in the US, twice one day.

We are attending FESPA trade show in Germany. This will provide an opportunity to see their presence in Europe. Regrettably the GCC UV-printer was not in their booth.

Although DRUPA, IPEX, VisCom and Photokina may be better known as European printer trade shows, this year FESPA will show more new technology and more new printers than DRUPA, Photokina, PMA, and ISA all put together.



Most recently updated November 28, 2005.
First posted May 20, 2005.