Durst Rho 600 improves on the Durst Rho 205 which was already quite good Print

At FESPA 2005 trade show in Munich (early summer 2005) we saw the launch of the Durst Rho 600. Now (summer 2006), these Durst Rho 600 machines are already at work in screen printing, digital print, and photo labs around the world.

For the launch in Germany there was even a 7-hour Durst press event that started at 4 pm, and lasted officially until 11 pm, but most people were not back in their hotels until well into the next morning. This was a productive event because it was possible to meet with, and speak with, so many people interested in UV printers. But that same morning I was back at FESPA before the opening bell to check out all the competing UV printers from Vutek (PressVu 200/600), Agfa (Anapurna), DuPont, Inca, and dozens of new players.

Durst Rh 600 white ink flatbed UV-cured inkjet printer reviews
Durst Rho 600

This is the advantage of the FLAAR Reports: we have inspected every single UV printer out there.

We have gathered information on the Durst Rho 600 and have prepared a complete FLAAR Report on this printer. We also offer reports on the Gandinnovations JETi UV printer (two, one comprehensive evaluation by Dr Nicholas Hellmuth and a second report, a site-visit case study). You can acquire FLAAR Reports on both Vutek printers, as well as on the ColorSpan and Zund 215 (two, one comprehensive evaluation by Nicholas Hellmuth and a second report, a site-visit case study of a sign shop that comments in detail on what it is really like to have a Zund available).

Comparative Comments on other UV Printers

Durst printers are in a league of their own: Made in Austria quality, Made in Europe engineering, and a sophistication that you simply don’t get with a lesser printer. Nonetheless, IP&I has produced a surprisingly healthy competitor, their Cube 250.

The DuPont CromaPrint 22uv is now a contender, and is already selling both in Canada, the US, and Europe. This is the first major UV-cured ink printer manufactured in China that meets US and European requirements. So you might want to check out Professor Hellmuth’s comments on this printer.

Durst itself has recognized the competition and has itself countered with its own compact version, the Durst Rho 600 Pictor. But at the same trade show that this appeared, MacDermid ColorSpan unleashed their model 9840.

The more printers that appear, the more confusing it is for end-users. This is why FLAAR is devoting its experience and resources to assist printshop owners and operators with independent assessments of the pros-and-cons of every single brand and model of UV printer. Our dozens of friendly FLAAR Reports are available on www.wide-format-printers.NET, in the link to the right on UV-curable ink flatbed printers.


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First posted June 23, 2005. Updated January 5, 2006, May 29, 2006.