Scitex Vision VEEjet+ Print

It is rare to see the VEEjet at trade shows, so it was nice to see one at the recent Milan Visual Communications 2005 in Italy.

It is not usually known that Scitex Vision was one of the pioneers of UV-curable inkjet printers, through buying technology from another company, Sias Digital. The current VEEjet+ is the evolution from the earliest development of UV printer technology, years before Vutek had one, and years before Inca even existed.

Seemingly this early prototype was first offered to NUR, but in the 1990’s, no one felt that UV-curable inkjet would go anywhere. NUR turned down the opportunity at that point. Sias developed the printer, and the Scitex Vision VEEjet+ is the grandson, so to speak.

As a professor, I am keen on learning the history of UV-curable inkjet printing, and the Scitex Vision VEEjet is a key part of this early history. We are curious to see what will replace the venerable VEEjet in order to match the growing competition.

But if you are running a screen printing shop, a photo lab that has to make the switch to digital, a sign shop that is already switching to digital, or any large commercial printing company, you face the need to decide whether to select the VEEjet+, a Vutek PressVu 200 or 320, a Durst Rho 600 or new 350R, an Inca Columbia Turbo, or, the Gandinnovations Jeti UV flatbed.

The Oce Arizona T220UV is out of the running; it was cancelled. The Zund 250 is out of the running for another six months: a re-launch has been postponed until later in 2006. If you are curious why, just order the FLAAR Reports on the Oce and the FLAAR Reports on the Zund 250.

If you want to see the differences, pros and cons, capabilities and glitches of each one of the major industrial-strength production-capable UV flatbed printers, just look at everything FLAAR offers.

All in one place, over 53 publications on UV-curable flatbed printers. It is a challenge to keep up with all the new UV-cured inkjet printers, but whenever sponsored research funds become available, we do our best to add new titles. There are new UV printers from China and even a new UV printer from France.

The Scitex Vision VEEjet printer reviews
Scitex Vision VEEjet printer at FESPA 2005.
Scitex Vision VEEjet printer evaluations



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First posted November 28, 2005.