Nicholas Hellmuth looks at Fei Yeung Union Digital Technology and their Infiniti 6150P and Infiniti Xterius 16Uvs UV-curable ink flatbed printers Print
consulting Asia trade shows
consulting Asia trade shows

The folks at Infinity USA (Aerometrix) and the equally helpful people at Infiniti Europe have been patient in my many questions as I work to gather information about their Infiniti 6150P and Infiniti Xterius 16Uvs printers.

It is a challenge to gather information on Chinese UV-cured flatbed inkjet printers. Searches to corporate websites result in spec sheets (if they exist at all) that conflict with spec sheets at trade shows. The European distributor often showcases a printer that is never shown by the American distributor of the same brand.

But since I have worked as a historian on the Spanish conquest of Guatemala, I have experience tracking down documentation on just about anything. So at trade shows throughout Europe and across the USA, as well as through a network of helpful industry colleagues, I gather facts on each UV-curable flatbed printer, and package this documentation in the FLAAR Reports, easily accessible from our growing library on UV-cured ink printers.

A single webpage is too short, so we prefer to gather eveything we know in a full-color report complete with our own photos as we inspect the UV-cured ink flatbed printers.



First posted June 23, 2005.