Mutoh Cobra S65UV and Mutoh Cobra S100uv Print

At FESPA 2005 (Munich, in the summer), both Mutoh and Agfa heralded a spectacular engineering achievement, a truly unique UV printer, the Mutoh Cobra 100 and Agfa :Anapurna 100. Both are the same printer, just different colors, logos, and model designations. That printer was designed by Agfa and was intended to be built by Mutoh Europe. Unfortunately this printer was so unique that it will take another year or so to make all the neat aspects work in unison. When it appears it will reportedly be called the Agfa: Anapurna X and XL.

If you would like to know what to expect from this unusual technology, the FLAAR Reports on the Agfa : Anapurna 100 is the only outside independent discussion of this printer that is not a PR release.

Since the original design is stalled, and as in the meantime Agfa had already developed its own special UV-curable ink, in order to have printers use their ink, Agfa and Mutoh cooperated by having another company contract-manufacture their substitute printers in Asia.

The Mutoh Europe version is the Mutoh Cobra S65UV and Mutoh Cobra S100uv. The Agfa version is their Agfa :Anapurna L and XL. The Mutoh brochure writes the name of the printer sometimes as 65Suv, and sometimes as S65uv, as though it was logically one way, but some manager decided for the other alternative. In effect, it is unclear which name is the official one. At FESPA Digital trade show in Amsterdam both these UV-cured inkjet printers are exhibited, so this week we will be able to ascertain which is the proper nomenclature.

Here the Mutoh Cobra S65UV printer at IPEX trade show 2006.

Also at FESPA you can see the competing printers in this price class: the DuPont CromaPrint 22UV, the ColorSpan 9840 (shown for the first time worldwide at this trade show), the Grapo Octopus, the Neolt UV printers, and the Eastech Scutum (GO Fuzion UV). One of these printers was not functioning well at all; there were mechanics having long discussions of what was wrong. In the FLAAR Reports on each printer, we provide details on which printers have issues, and which printers work beautifully.

A new FLAAR Reports is being issued this month to show the Agfa :Anapurna L and XL (and thereby the Mutoh Cobra S65uv and Mutoh Cobra S100uv) with side-by side photographs comparing it with the original printer that is manufactured in Korea. In other words, we provide a complete evaluation of the Korean printer that is rebadged, with a nice new ink, as the Mutoh Cobra S65uv and Mutoh Cobra S100uv. The design of the sheet metal is also new, and very well done, as you would expect of European and Japanese designers.

Mutoh Cobra S65UV printer at FESPA Digital trade show, 2006.


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