Vremena Goda BigPrinter UV 2133 and UV 2133SW Print

If you take on account Oce, Gandinnovations, Gerber, EFI Rastek T660 (not manufactured by Flora), it becomes evident that most known UV flatbeds in the market have been mainly manufactured in North America.

UV flatbed printers are also becoming a trend in China, but we can only count most of the models exhibited at APPPEXPO Shanghai '09 as prototypes.

Europe is also a source of UV fl atbeds. European products tend to be very well manufactured, but companies need to struggle to be known outside their regions. Inca (UK-based) flatbeds have become better known thanks to Fujifilm. The Grapo Manta which is manufactured in the Czech Republic already had its first appearance in the US, at SGIA '09.

Durst, an Italian-Austrian company and WP Digital—based in Switzerland—are already known for assembling state-of-the-art UV combo and dedicated roll-to-roll printers.

Russia now enters the UV flatbed market for the second time, through the Vremena Goda BigPrinter UV 2133. This new UV flatbed uses Konica Minolta 512 printheads which offer 14pl. This is an advantage over the European model of Gandinnovations, the Jeti 2030 which only offers 30pl. The BigPrinter has a flatbed table of 2.10m x 3.20m which is larger than the table of the Jeti 2030 (2m x 3m). Another feature include s the 6-color standard configuration (CMYK, lc, lm) and 2 channels of white are possible in the UV 2133SW version.

The case of the BigPrinter UV2133 is similar to the Grapo Manta in the sense that both Vremena Goda and Grapo were not originally printer manufacturers. Grapo was originally a sign shop business that decided to build its own printer for internal use, but due to interest, Grapo began to develop UV printers to sell. Likewise, Vremena Goda is a distributor of UV printers in Russia, plus an OEM manufacturer of solvent printers.

Since this printer is brand new, and has not been exhibited outside Russia, we are not (yet) able to comment on the company nor on the printer itself. We will update our information on this new model as new information is available in trade shows, visits to end-users or the very factory.

First posted October 27, 2009.