Shanghai Yaselan Advertising Material Co. Ltd “Giant,” YSL-FB2500UV Print

The Shanghai Yaselan Advertising Material Co. Ltd introduced their “Giant,” YSL-FB2500UV at the ISA 2004 trade show. It is the only flatbed that I have seen where the entire flatbed portion is enclosed. This machine also accepts roll to roll materials.

But I have not see much of Yaselan recently, at least not a UV-cured ink printer that caught my attention. I did not notice any Yaselan printers at FESPA 2005. Yaselan had a booth at the Dubai Middle East 2006 show but no UV printer was shown.

The Yaselan website is nicely done, but I was not able to find a single UV printer (June 29, 2006). If one exists, it is well hidden.

Redhill used to distribute Yaselan printers in the USA, but they dropped this Chinese brand. Naturally this makes you tend to ask why does Redhill no longer wish to sell Yaselan printers? Probably for the same reason that alert and savvy buyers were unsure about buying an untested printer with no track record.

We can report that the ColorSpan 72UVR and 72UVX work well because we have visited successful print shops that use this brand. When we talk to owners at trade shows they tell us how much they like the ColorSpan UV printer.

We can report that the newest model ColorSpan 9840 is a production workhorse because we visited the ColorSpan factory, inspected where and how they were made, and then got to test the printer ourselves for several hours.

No one can provide comparable recommendations on any Chinese printers because there are no reliable, independent reports on what it is actually like to have one.

If you are considering a Yaselan printer, you ought to be sure also to look at the Infiniti, Flora, Teckwin, Raster Printers machines at entry level, or the ColorSpan or Zund 215 printers.

Shanghai Yaselan Advertising Material Co Ltd Giant YSL-FB2500UV flatbed UV printer
Shanghai Yaselan Advertising Material Co. Ltd booth, Shanghai 2007.



First posted July 29, 2006.