Graph Expo 2014 exhibitor list compared with SGIA exhibitor list 2014, what is better for you? Print

Which trade shows should you consider attending in 2014?

There is ISA in the Spring, Graphics of the Americas (GOA) in Miami before that. SGIA is in October. GraphExpo (this year Print 13) before SGIA.

Plus the nice regional NBM Show printer expos. And Sign World International (the only one in the USA that I have never attended). Plus expos in Canada and Mexico (and Brazil and around the world).

Not to mention expos for glass printing, ceramics printing, packaging, label printing, and even more trade shows for printing on special applications. Plus 3D printing (rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing.

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  • If you are a signage shop? Which expo(s) are essential?
  • If you are a commercial printer?
  • If you need to print in-house in for your company?
  • If you also need to print or learn about printing on textiles?
  • If you are a manufacturer (or printing equipment, inks, or media)?
  • If you are a distributor of pertinent products?
  • What if you are from Latin America or Caribbean? Which expo is better (or should you consider Graphics of the Americas 2014 in Miami).
  • What if you are from EU, Middle East, Africa? Should you attend an expo in USA or FESPA Digital 2014 in Munich? What if you are from China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan? Which of these expos should you attend? (or should you stick with attending APPPEXPO in Shanghai in July 2014?)
  • If you are a student of graphic design, printing, or photography?
  • If you are a professor or instructor?
  • If you are a technology or business analyst?
  • If you are an investor?


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We will have comparative tabulations on these printer expos. Our upcoming information is based on our team who cover inks, media, substrates, laminators, coaters, UV-cured printers, textile printers, eco-solvent and mild-solvent printers, etc.


McCormick Expo Center

To provide actual facts on which printer expo we recommend for your specific needs, FLAAR attends

  • APPPEXPO in Shanghai (about six years)
  • D-PES in Guangzhou (every year since it started)
  • DRUPA (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and we will be there in 2016)
  • FESPA (for over a decade)
  • Graphics of the Americas (for over a decade)
  • ISA (for over 12 years)
  • Graph Expo and Print (for over a decade)
  • SGI, Sign Middle East (for many years)
  • SGIA (2013 in Orlando; SGIA 2014 in Las Vegas)
  • Sign China (for about six years, in Guangzhou)
  • Sign Africa (for six years)
Canon ImagePRESS C7010VP series 7344

Plus we have attended printer expos in Moscow (four times), Mexico City (many times), Brazil (several times).

We attended all four VISCOM sign shows (Milano, Madrid, Paris, Germany) until they became so poorly conceptualized that we stopped (though Germany and Paris expos are good for residents of those two countries, but are no longer major international class).

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First posted September 12, 2013, after many years at Graph Expo and Print; after many more years at SGIA (and ISA and Graphics of the Americas), and after seeing what Graph Expo and Print have evolved into.