Scitex Vision VEEjet+ UV-curable inkjet printer is now renamed the HP Scitex FB6300 Print

Scitex Vision VEEjet+ = HP Scitex FB6300 (industrial piezo printheads, UV-curable ink).

Scitex Vision CORjet = HP Scitex FB6700 (Aprion printheads, so not UV ink). But since all competing printers for corrugated packaging are UV, we include the HP Scitex FB6700 in this FLAAR site on industrial flatbed printers. We also cover the Durst Rhopac and the very new Mimaki DM2-1810 (water-based, not UV).

Plenty of Factual Reviews and Comparative Comments on UV-flatbed Printers

FLAAR has reports on more than 53 UV printers; plus we have an increasing number of site-visit case studies that reveal what it is actually like to have each brand of UV printer in your print shop. A complete and painfully blunt inventory of pros and cons:
Gandinnovations Jeti flatbed UV
Luscher JetPrint
ColorSpan 72UVX
Vutek PressVu 200/600
Zund 215-C and 216-Plus

The HP Scitex FB6300 is so seldom requested that we have not yet had a need for ourselves to prepare any report. Plus this nice printer is based on very early technology, inherited from Sias Digital, which was one of the first UV-curable inkjet printers ever conceived, back in the late 1990’s. Wow, that’s the previous millennium in inkjet history. Also, the HP Scitex FB6300 is almost never displayed at trade shows.

So instead at all the trade shows we see the Durst Rho 600, the newer Rho 600 Pictor and the exciting new ColorSpan 9840. Indeed MacDermind flew us to their factory to inspect the model 9840 directly, before it was launched at FESPA Digital trade show. This way we could inspect the new printer inside and out, in peace and quiet (without all the interruptions that happen at a busy trade show).

We have similar experience with Gandinnovations printers: we spent a total of weeks inside and outside their Jeti UV flatbed, including in their demo room.

Our knowledge of the Raster Printers 720, 720UVZ, and Daytona come from spending an entire week in their factory where the machines are rebuilt after arriving from China.

Soon the venerable VEEjet+ will be replaced with more modern technology, and that will be a good opportunity to get to know it better.


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First Posted May 29, 2006.