NUR Tempo Q, adds to (or replaces?) NUR Tempo II which had replaced NUR Tempo “one” Print

Several months ago an improved firmware allowed NUR to tweak increased speed from its venerable NUR Tempo dedicated flatbed printer. The new version is now called the NUR Tempo II. Otherwise, this is essentially the same as the NUR Tempo that we have been studying for the last several years. Hence all comments on the NUR Tempo are applicable to the NUR Tempo II.

Then (SGIA trade show, autumn 2006), the NUR Tempo Q was available at a higher resolution version. We will check to see if it is due to better printheads or improved software, or ability to run more passes.

We have been following the progress of the NUR Tempo for three years. We have interviewed people who use the printer. As a result our independent FLAAR Reports on this UV-cured flatbed printer offers information not available elsewhere. We provide the blunt facts based on our research to date. Now, in 2009, it is five years that we have been seeing this venerable system.

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Over 50 models of UV printers exist from more than 30 manufacturers several years ago. Today in 2009 there are more than 45 manufacturers of UV printers and new models being launched every two months. We try to cover as many of these printers as possible. But we do not have an update PDF on the Scitex Vision VEEjet+ (HP Scitex FB6700) since we lack information on this particular printer and thus few of our readers ask about it. Besides, the HP Scitex VEEjet+ never really recovered, nor has its supposed replacement, the HP Scitex FB6500 been launched. Any printer that was to have used X2 MEMS heads has been delayed, postponed, or cancelled. Spectra simply withdrew its MEMS heads and returned to a different technology using some features of MEMS but some other features that were more preditable in their behavior during manufacturing and also during use.

NUR Tempo Q flatbed UV-cured wide-format inkjet printer evaluations
NUR Tempo Q flatbed UV-cured wide-format inkjet printer with roll-to-roll UV-curable capability, white ink too.
NUR Tempo Q flatbed UV-cured wide-format inkjet printer evaluations reviews

Site-Visit Case Study on the NUR Tempo now incorporated in our reports

In addition to learning about the NUR Tempo from our usual kinds of sources, we also have access to print shops that own a NUR Tempo.

So our FLAAR Reports on the NUR Tempo II has information that you can't get from any trade magazine or from the manufacturer. The FLAAR Reports explains the true reality (of each brand, not just the NUR Tempo II.

But more, now we have two site-visit case studies on the Luscher JetPrint. We also have a site-visit case study on the Gandinnovations Jeti flatbed. And recently FLAAR inspected a print shop in Europe that has four Jeti printers, include a roll-to-roll UV Gandinnovations machine.

During autumn 2006 we visited a site in Turkey that had four Gandinnovations Jeti solvent printers. We learn a tremendous amount when we visit print shops that have these printers running.

During 2008 and already in 2009 it has been possible to inspect several screen printing companies and offset printing companies. Each had bought a different brand of UV printer recently (GRAPO Manta flatbed at one company, Gerber ion with cationic ink at another, and GCC StellarJET 183UVK at the third commercial printing company).

NUR Tempo Q flatbed UV-cured wide-format inkjet printer with roll-to-roll UV-curable capability
Here is Nicholas Hellmuth inside the NUR factory to inspect how the Tempo Q UV printer is manufactured. We are updating our reports based on this fresh information.

Sample printed by the NUR Tempo Q flatbed UV-cured wide-format inkjet printer at factory visit.


Most recently updated Feb 3, 2009.

First posted May 29, 2006; updated June 12, 2006, Aug. 25, 2006, Sept 21, 2006, Dec. 1, 2007.