UV LED-curable Ink is now available from Hongsam Print

Hongsam UV LED Curable Inkjet Ink

Two evaluators from FLAAR recently had the opportunity to visit Hongsam headquarters in Shanghai, China for two consecutive days. During those days we had free access to the demo rooms where we could observe and test UV LED printing ink on different substrates.

We have visited the Hongsam international headquarters on two previous occasions in past years, plus Dr. Nicholas has visited the ink factory in another city.



Hongsam LED-UV curable inkjet ink can be used to print on different media, like plastic, acrylic, metal, wood, glass, crystal, porcelain, etc.



LED-curing generates much less heat

The LED-UV curable inkjet inks can be widely applied to print on various media with curing which is less heat than mercury arc lamps. With less heat you don’t cause curl, distortion or heat damage to fragile kinds of media material.

With less heat you need less air-conditioning expenses. So there are many advantages to LED curing.


LED-cured UV ink is more people friendly

Mercury arc lamps use mercury, one of the most poisoness materials in the world. So LED curing lamps are less noxious to the environment. Also a LED curing lamp will last potentially over a year(s). Mercury arc lamps wear out quickly and have to be replaced.



Most LED-cured ink is for printers with Epson DX5 printheads

This ink is designed for printers that with Epson DX5 print head.




Printing on plastic, acrylic, metal, wood, glass, crystal, porcelain, etc.

When printing on any slippery smooth surface, realize that it may be best to use a primer and/or a post printing coating. Other pre-treatment may be useful for glass, ceramics, or other materials. Yes, you can print on all these materials with no pre-treatment, but to provide better adhesion and more scratch resistence, it helps to have pre-treatment.

For most normal signage materials, LED-cured ink can be used to print on the media directly. Just realize that it helps to have two LED curing lamps: one on each side.

One advantage of ink from Hongsam is that this company is a known entity

There are dozens, actually scores of Chinese ink companies. Some offer cheap ink because this is what many clients want: the lowest cost per liter, period. Of course we all know the results, such ink is cheap and usually not every popular after users notice how quickly it fades, and how wimpy the color is even on the first week.

Hongsam has a different philosophy. We at FLAAR Reports know the CEO; we know the key managers; we know the sales reps and attendants in their trade show booths around the world. Already about four years ago Hongsam built a brand new factory in order to install new and better ink-making equipment.

The goal of Hongsam is to make an ink with realistic quality and a realistic price. If you want a cheap low-bid ink, we would not suggest Hongsam.

If you want a reasonably priced ink from a company that is proud to be an ink manufacturer, we suggest you consider ink from Hongsam. I would also comment that Hongsam makes more than third-party after-market ink: the Hongsam ink for wallpaper and wall-coverings is a special non-solvent kind of ink that is quite impressive.

We at FLAAR are aware that Chinese companies have capable chemists and engineers. What is crucial is the philosophy and goals of their owner(s), CEO, and staff: do they want just a cheap product, or do they want a reliable product which is better than low-bid competitors but still at a reasonable price.

So we visit as many ink companies, and media manufacturers, and printer factories as possible, since many distributors ask us what products they should consider.

Contact for Hongsam Ink

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  • Websites: www.ink4you.com and www.Hongsam.cn

First posted March 8, 2014