HP Latex 310, HP Latex 330, HP Latex 360: just new names? Or new printers? Print

As no surprise, we tend to hear of printers before they are launched. As a courtesy we do not publish this information in advance. We politely wait until the manufacturer publishes it.

I have known about the HP Latex 300 series for over a month. Since we do not accept most of the claims by HP, they stopped inviting FLAAR to the pre-release extravaganzas (all expense paid excursions to beautiful parts of the world to receive all the HP PR releases). If we had been invited we would be under NDA.

Nonetheless, we have not published this material earlier, but the model designations have been all over the Internet and openly discussed already, and since I estimate the NDA expiration date has either already passed or will expire by ISA sign expo, we are publishing this for the week of ISA sign expo.

HP Latex 310 large-format-printer-reviews 8656
Here is a photograph that shows the HP Latex 310
HP Latex 310 rear view, exhibited at ISA 2014.
  • What is the HP Latex 310?
  • What is the HP latex 330?
  • What is the HP Latex 360?

New for 2014

HP Latex 210 (renamed HP Designjet L26100)

HP Latex 310

155 cm, 61 inch

HP Latex 260 (renamed HP Designjet L26500)

HP Latex 330

155 cm, 61 inch

HP Latex 280 (renamed HP Designjet L28500)

HP Latex 360

264 cm, 104 inch


HP Latex 330 in action

Some web sites call the HP Latex 260 "61 inches"; others call it "64 inches."HP Latex 210 is a printer name I must admit I do not see very often. It is the renamed HP Designjet L26100.

HP Latex 330, exhibited at ISA 2014.

Our research for HP latex printers during 2014 will be on

  • HP Latex ink longevity (HP latex ink outdoor durability), especially compared with Mimaki and Ricoh latex ink printers (whose claims for number of years are more modest).

  • HP latex ink price, for OEM ink, and for after-market replacement latex ink.

  • HP latex ink applications, since some HP latex ink applications are really well presented in the HP booth at ISA, at FESPA and at other major expos by the local HP latex ink printer distributors.

  • Since we get a lot of questions on the ingredients of HP Latex ink, we will try to find the MSDS; they keep it relatively well hidden (even though they show links; two links we tried failed; both links produced only error messages NO MSDS…

  • And understandably we will be comparing HP Latex ink printers with Ricoh Pro L4100 latex ink printers and Mimaki latex ink printers. Actually we find the Mimaki SUV ink printer technology significantly more interesting.  
HP Latex 330 detailed view

Updated April 27,2014. First posted the week of ISA 2014 sign expo in Orlando.