Ricoh latex printer at Graphics of the Americas 2014. Print

At Drupa 2012 we all saw the Ricoh Pro L4000 printer

But then this printer disappeared and did not reappear again in 2013; the first time I even noticed the Ricoh latex printer again was not until Graphics of the Americas 2014, in Miami.

We are preparing new tabulations, Mimaki vs HP latex ink printers

Now that Mimaki and Ricoh have found an improved latex ink which overcomes the issues with the ink they showed at FESPA 2012 and Drupa 2012, now we can begin to compare the Ricoh and Mimaki vs HP latex printers.

What everyone comments on is the dramatic price difference: HP prices are low low low; Mimaki and Ricoh prices are high higher highest.

We are pareparing Mimaki vs Ricoh tabulations (obviously Mimaki and Ricoh are the same printers with different branding and different philosophy).

The tabulation here shows just the categories; the actual finished tabulation will be in a new FLAAR Report to appear in May.


Brand and model

Print width


Ink cartridge size

Price per cartridge

Ink price per liter

Print head

Picoliter drop size

Price (varies by country, but here are generic prices

Mimaki JV400-130LX









Ricoh Pro L4130









Mimaki JV400-160LX









Ricoh Pro L4160









Chinese latex printers


















The ink used by Mimaki latex ink printers is not Sepiax

I had to smile when a wide-format printer trade magazine suggested that Mimaki latex ink printer was using Sepiax inks. Since FLAAR has worked with Sepiax their first two years we are familiar with the pros and cons of this remarkable ink.

Sepiax has been unsuccessful out in the real world of normal signage applications, so the company has been sold to a consortium (which we discuss in TRENDs level FLAAR Reports, available to clients who Subscribe at TRENDs level, or companies who ask for consulting services).

First posted late April, during ISA 2014 Sign Expo in Orlando.