FLAAR Reports comments on the Dilli Neo Titan 1600 x series UV flatbed combo roll to roll printer Print

The Dilli Neo Titan 1600x is a versatile wide-format UV-curing printer that allows you to print both rigid and flexible materials.

Since its printing mechanism is based on a transport belt, we at FLAAR classify it as a “combo” printer, although some manufacturers describe this system as a “hybrid”.


3 Reasons to choose a Dilli printer

Dilli has consistently exhibited at major trade shows around the world, and here are some of the reasons why people have bought a Dilli printer.


1. Earned reputation

Several experts (and actual print shop owners) have stated most Korean UV printers are sturdy, and their workmanship is what you would expect to find in a European manufacturing plant.

We at FLAAR have witnessed the Dilli Neo Titan 1600 both in the Korean factory and in several tradeshows, and we know first hand the printer is solid, and it doesn’t wobble even if has been printing the whole day.


2. Trusted around the world

Dilli’s history goes back several years in time, but it has been manufacturing UV printers since 2003. Probably over 50% of the other UV brands do not have experience of this many years.

The quality of the Dilli machines has made the brand known to the point that they also manufacture UV-curing printers for another international brand.


3. Led by an expert

The head of the company, Dr Geun-Soo Choi, is a pleasant gentleman that has a PhD in piezo inkjet printhead technology.

Not many CEO’s of printer manufacturers have that level of expertise.

Plus there is a team of managers whom you can meet when in their booth at a trade show.



A bit of history

Digital Illustrate Inc. (Dilli) is a company that was founded by two siblings.

After several years each brother decided to focus on specific printers: so the older brother does solvent printers and now textile printers. This company is Digital Graphic Inc. (DGI). 

The younger brother focuses mainly on UV printers, which is now well known as Dilli.

As a UV printer and ink manufacturer, Dilli has stood out from other similar companies, with a variety of options at the moment of evaluating their printers.

Dilli Neo Deluxe UVD-2506(W) printer
Dilli booth at APPPEXPO 2014

During APPPEXPO 2014, at Shanghai, China, they exhibited a combo type Neo Titan 1600 X Series. But what does combo type mean? It means the printer can work booth as a flatbed and roll-to-roll, so it is able to produce lots of applications, such as:

  • Glass for bathroom furniture, doors, interior glass, windows and wall decorations. (just realize that glass may require primer, and post-printing heating).
  • Wood for furniture.
  • Interior wallpapers.
  • Outdoor billboards.
  • Plastic for ceilings.
  • Cloth for soft signage.
  • Others, such as metal, sheet, foamex and acrylic for signs.
  • Canvas for coloring.
  • Styrofoam for pictures with the advantage of the gradient smoother printing mode, which leaves a photorealistic printing quality.
  • Sound-absorbing materials for interiors.

There are various options for the NT1600 X series, and just by looking at the model number they can be differenced from the other UV printers.

As Dilli has explained on the brochures of different trade shows (which they constantly exhibited, being one of the most persistent UV manufacturers we have ever got in contact) the selection varies by the

  • Print width
  • Colors
  • Double printing
  • 2 x white printhead
  • Varnish or extreme high end

The model named 1604D-W2VX features the option of 4 colors, with additional double white or varnish, with a total of 7 printheads;

The model 1606D-W2X doesn’t have varnish, but does have light cyan, light magenta and double white, with a total of 8 heads, with both Dilli original UV ink options for rigid or flexible media.

Dilli Neo Deluxe UVD-2506(W) printer
Dilli NEO TITAN NT 1600 X SERIES Carriage

Both models manage Konica Minolta 1024i printheads with a drop size of 6 picoliters and with a maximum media thickness of 50 mm, allowing you to print any of the applications listed above.










& Model

Size (PL)




Flatbed / R-R Transport Belt

1600 mm

50 mm

KM 1024i

6 PL


Dilli Neo Deluxe UVD-2506(W) printer



Updated May 2017. First posted October, 2014.