Now, today, you can start learning the reality of 3D signage And the truth about 3D printers (for signage especially) Print

We have planned a series of FLAAR Reports on 3D signage topics. We will cover each topic, theme by theme, application by application. All in full cover.

If you sign up in July, price for all six months is $120.
If you sign up in August, price for all six months is $150
If you sign up in December, price for the previous six months is $230.

3D-application-3D-printer-prototyper-FLAAR Report 3D-printers-list-brands-models-FLAAR Repot 3D-rapid-prototypers-brands-models-FLAAR Report

3D-software-list-review-FLAAR Report 3D-trade-shows-expos-list-FLAAR Report Suggested-readings-3D-printers-prototypers-FLAAR Report

So if you cover the price now ($120) you get everything for six months with no increase whatsoever).


We are not speaking of 3D signage letters
we are entering the world of 3D signage via 3D printers

One of the new publications will be a glossary, to assist in understanding the new technologies in 3D signage. Nicholas was a visiting research professor at two universities (simultaneously, one university in Ohio, one university in Guatemala). He flew back and forth.

So Dr Hellmuth is familiar with helping people understand new technology.


Is the 3D technology capable of handling outdoor signs?

We are entering an exciting era: digital signage yet accomplished with digital software. We are not speaking of “digital signage” (which is LED and LCD dynamic digital signage). Our subscription is for Dr Nicholas Hellmuth’s research results on physical, actual 3D objects: 3D signs.

And not 3D signage letters from acrylic!

 First posted July 19 2015.