DigiFab Evolution RIP Software Print

DigiFab's background in the digital printing industry and many years of experience in software development, allowed this company to create a RIP software which fulfills many functions for the graphic digital printing and textile design needs.

Create or re-create repetitions & separations, and color them with their advanced color-matching system. Print sample yardage and presentation boards directly from your computer.

The software is compatible with most graphic programs, and takes care of all your digital printing needs from illustrations, photography, signage, banners & flags, posters.
The software allows the operator to make a lot of operations without switching between software:

  • Imports a large variety of file formats:
    TIFF, BMP, TGA, PCX, JPEG, PICT, PSD, indexed or true color, MAC, UNIX or PC files, as well as commercial software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, PDF files, and Corel.
  • Builds repetitions on the fly no matter how odd the drop may be. It is able to deal with any repetitions with advanced step and repetition capabilities.
  • No limitation in size or yardage to be printed.
  • Rotates, flips, and scales the file on the fly.
  • Offers basic image manipulation before printing:
    Change Drop, Change Resolution, Scale, Rotate, Flip, Multiply, Mirror, Cut, Meassure.
  • Allows the view of one repetition, many repetitions, and real image size (also known as printing size).
  • Includes Do-Undo functions.
  • Save any changes you have made in the original or in a new file format.
  • Layout Capability for presentation boards or to print multiple images at once.
  • Edit and tweak color capability. Color picker tool.
  • RGB, CMYK, Lab, HSV and HSL color modes.
  • Standard ICC color profiling.
  • Profile-to-profile transfer.
  • Complete Coloring System
  • Excellent Color Management
  • Edit Color & Create Your Own Library
  • Re-color in RGB, CMYK, Lab, HSV, HSL, 6-color & 8-color color models.
  • Unlimited Multi Palettes
  • Edit Palettes
  • Color Swap & Color Gradient
  • Reorder palettes
  • Add / Delete Colors & Palettes
  • Load / Save palettes & color libraries

Versions & Packages:

  • Evolution RIP Plus (Textile & Graphic)
  • Evolution RIP (Textile & Graphic)
  • Evolution Graphic RIP
  • Evolution Graphic RIP Lite
Specifications Evolution RIP Version Packages
Graphics RIP Lite Graphics RIP RIP Textile & Graphics RIP Plus Textile & Graphics
Drop Images in Hot Folders through your network
Several Print Queues per printer, and per configuration N/A X X X
Support several large-format printers Only small formats X X X
Image Manipulation Tools
Number of Printers & Printer Configurations (no limits on number of configurations)
1 Printer 3 or more 3 or more 3 or more
Print Single image, Tiling and multiple images at once
Step & Repeat (or yardage) continuous printing
State-of-the-Art Sport Color Matching
Create Your Custom Color Libraries, Palettes, and Pages
Create Your Custom LUT
ICC Profile Compatible for 4 Color, 6 Color, & 8 Color Profiles
Interactive image manipulation and preview
Interactive color matching
Scanning & Separation Module - Separate Images into gradients and flat colors - Create X
Spot-Colors separations quickly and easily - Import all your existing designs (i.e. PhotoShop, Corel, and others) and create your separations quickly
Designing Module - Advanced Image manipulation - Motif & Design creation and manipulation - Cut / Resize / Scale / Multiply / Mirror / Flip / etc. - Image cleaning tools and automatic cleaning - Design tools and more X

Digifab BP-54 Textile printer using Evolution RIP software
Digifab BP-54 Textile printer using Evolution RIP software
Digifab BP-64 textile printer using Evolution RIP software
Digifab BP-64 Textile printer using Evolution RIP software
Color sample printed with Digifab StampaJet I-64 using Evolution RIP software
Color sample printed with Digifab StampaJet I-64 using Evolution RIP software
Digifab StampaJet I-64 printer at ISA trade show 2012
Digifab BP-64 Textile printer using Evolution RIP software

First posted April 25, 2012.