FLAAR inspects a NUR Tempo flatbed printer in-situ and compares with the NUR Tempo II Print
NUR Tempo flatbed UV-cured inkjet printer reviews
Nur Tempo Q, FESPA 2007

We have visited a large successful print shop that has a NUR Tempo. They had just bought a Scitex Vision CORjet. The comments by the shop manager were eye-openers. His statements were echoed by another person with several years experience with the NUR Tempo. We also comment on the NUR Tempo II. At FESPA Mexico I spoke with the owner of an original NUR Tempo; he was not very happy with the printer or with tech support, but probably any printer that is over four years old would receive comparable comments. And this is precisely the issue: the Tempo was a daring technological adventure for NUR when it was launched. But today Oce offers roll-to-roll, plus color, plus dramatically higher quality in the Arizona 350.

Our findings on the NUR Tempo are crucial. I would not want to buy a machine at this price and skip the potential decision-making tips inside the FLAAR Reports. All it takes is one single tip (about pros or cons) and you have received your value.

Besides, the FLAAR Reports save you time. Even if you could amass all the facts that are in the FLAAR Reports, how many hours would it take you? Frankly it is cheaper to buy the FLAAR Reports than to try to figure all this out by yourself.

Inspection of a NUR Tempo with comments on NUR Tempo II
Here is Nicholas Hellmuth at his recently NUR factory visit in Israel

FLAAR also offers comparative site-visit case study Reports on

ColorSpan 72uvR and 72uvX at work in a print shop that already had a Durst Rho 160.

Luscher JetPrint UV in a large print shop that has Scitex Vision and Gandinnovations printers (plus a Mimaki). Actually last month we visited a second large printing company that has a Luscher. Both owners said pretty much the same thing about this $640,000 printer. So if you are considering a Luscher, an Inca Columbia, a Gandinnovations Jeti flatbed, you might wish to consider getting your hands on the FLAAR Reports, first.

Gandinnovations Jeti UV dedicated flatbed printer in a new print shop. For the Gandy Jeti flatbed we have now visited two printshops: one a small family-run operation; the other a large company with three Gandinnovations Jeti printers. FLAAR spent three days there.

Vutek PressVu 200/600 in a screen printing shop that also has several solvent inkjet printers. Then the next year we visited another digital printing company that had a VUTEk PressVu 200/600. This is a combo style machine and our three reports on it (two separate site-visits and one general evaluation-review) all mention the pros and cons in a way you won't get elsewhere.

If you compare prices, it is confusing to weigh value, productivity, vs price. So we work hard at tracking down all the pros and cons of each printer. Plus we compare one brand of printer with another brand. So if you are considering the NUR Tempo II, then you can learn a lot from Dr Hellmuth’s evaluations of the Luscher, Gandinnovations, Vutek, or Durst Rho printers.

 NUR Tempo II UV-curable ink jet press
NUR Tempo samples, factory visit in Israel.

All NUR printers are now updated via HP Scitex

Now the NUR Expedio 5000 and NUR Revolution are the HP Scitex XP5100 and HP Scitex XP 5300.

The NUR Expedio 3200 and NUR Expedio Inspiration are the HP Scitex XP2100 and XP2700.

The NUR Tempo Q is the HP Scitex FB6100.

So we will need to update all our reports, a lengthy process.

Acquiring a FLAAR Report is a good investment because you will learn facts not present in trade magazines and not available at a trade show.

Besides, if you buy any three complete UV series, or any 6 individual UV reports (on specific brands), you can get direct access by telephone to Nicholas Hellmuth so you can ask further questions directly. Or you can have an appointment to met and speak with him at any trade show in the US or Europe.

The HP Scitex FB6100 printer reviews
Here the HP Scitex FB6100 printing some samples at ISA 2008.
The HP Scitex FB6100 printer evaluations


If you purchase any four complete UV-series, or any 12 individual UV reports (on specific brands, 2 nd level reports or above, or site-visit case studies) you can also arrange to have Dr Nicholas Hellmuth come to your print shop as a consultant. Just cover the basic airfare, transportation to your print shop (anywhere in the world) and per diem costs (hotel, meals). We can consult in Spanish, German, and also English, and can understand French, Italian, and Portuguese.

Once you have bought the reports, there is no additional consulting expense other than getting Professor Hellmuth to your location.


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First posted November 28, 2005. Updated August 8, 2007.