FLAAR is unique in the amount of effort it devotes to learning about UV-curing inkjet printers Print

Grapo Manta flatbed UV-cured wide format printer factory visit

Grapo invited Dr Nicholas Hellmuth to spend several days inspecting their printers, meeting their staff, and getting to know their corporate headquarters in the Czech Republic.

We now have updated reports on the Grapo Manta flatbed and on the Grapo combo Octopus (combo means combined roll-to-roll and flatbed using a moving transport belt).

Grapo Manta flatbed UV-cured wide format printer factory visit
Grapo Manta flatbed UV-cured wide format printer at factory visit 2006.

Gandinnovations Jeti UV flatbed printers factory visit

Gandinnovations provided two educational days at their growing factory in Toronto. Here it was possible to inspect their new 5-meter roll-to-roll UV printer. Deep inside the factory they showed FLAAR the two new sizes of dedicated flatbed UV printers, the new 4x8’ Gandinnovations Jeti 1224 UV and larger Jeti 2030 UV-curing flatbed printer.

So we have updated our reports on the UV flatbeds and have added a new report on Gandinnovations roll-to-roll UV.

We also have several site-visit case studies of Gandinnovations UV printers.

Gandinnovations Jeti UV flatbed printers factory visit
Here is Nicholas Hellmuth with the Gandinnovations Jeti UV flatbed printers at factory visit.

MacDermid ColorSpan hybrid UV flatbed printers factory visit

Last year before FESPA Digital ‘06, MacDermid invited us to inspect the then new 9840uv printer. We had an entire day to print on concrete slabs, wooden sidewalk sections, and other unique flat materials.

We currently have an evaluation-review and a new site-visit case study of the ColorSpan 9840uv printer.

ColorSpan hybrid UV flatbed printers evaluations
ColorSpan hybrid UV flatbed printers at factory visit.

Other visits to corporate headquarters and demo rooms of other UV printer manufacturers coming up.

Dr Nicholas Hellmuth is in increasing demand to lecture all over the world on UV-cured inkjet printer applications. In 2006 he lectured in Istanbul (two different occasions), in Lisbon, Dubai, Amsterdam (twice) and at two universities. Already in 2007 Professor Hellmuth has given presentations in Cincinnati and an all-day seminar on UV-curing inkjet printers in Seoul, Korea, hosted by DP (a trade magazine) and by the importer of Gandinnovations Jeti printers.

Each PowerPoint presentation needs dozens of slides, so we have a voracious appetite for photos of UV printers.

Our policy is not to use PR shots of printers; we use only photographs that we have taken ourselves, since if we have not personally inspected a printer, we can’t recommend it.

When it is possible to visit a corporate headquarters demo room and factory, then we have lots of photos of this particular brand and model, so we can put this particular brand and model into our lecture discussions.

Naturally we sign an NDA when we visit any printer headquarters. And of course it is not appropriate to photograph their next generation printers that will appear next year. Our main interest is to obtain factual information on the current brands so we can improve our coverage in the FLAAR Reports on UV-curable inkjet printers.

During 2007 we look forward to visiting several more factories, and thereby significantly increasing our coverage of these brands and models.


First posted Feb. 12, 2007.