Learn what it is really like to have a Vutek PressVu 200/600 in your print shop? Print

Learn what it is really like to have a Vutek PressVu 200/600 in your print shop?

If you compare prices of printers you will come to one conclusion. Buying by price comparison is not the way we recommend. There is a lot more than price to consider, such as tech support, physical durability of the printer and a host of other crucial factors.

If you compare productivity, you may reach another conclusion. Here is where you are at the mercy of the advertising claims. Several years ago the president of a printer manufacturer wrote an article “They are all lying.” (about the speed and production specs).

Another printer manufacturer told me off the record that because their competitors padded their statistics they too had to come up with advertising claims to match the style of their competitors.

But if you learn the inside story on each printer from the FLAAR Reports, then you have armed yourself with background information that is an asset.

As an educational institution our goal is different than a printer manufacturer. Our success is when you select the right printer for your needs; the printer that can produce what will make your clients happy and coming back for more.

If the quality is iffy, you clients will become dubious.

If the printer breaks down, you will lose a few clients all together because you failed to meet their deadline.

So we scrutinize each printer from top to bottom, inside out. This is our own evaluation and review. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, we undertake a site-visit case study: we spend the time necessary to learn what it is like to have just purchased a Vutek PressVu 200/600. For the Vutek printer we offer our evaluation plus that of the end-user. You get six years of FLAAR experience learning about UV printers plus the day by day, month by month experience of the sign shop that just bought this printer.

If you are considering a Vutek, Gandi, Durst, Luscher, NUR, or any other brand: we have evaluation reports on them all, and site-visit case studies of those printers where access is available.

VUTEk 200/600 UV printer reviews
VUTEk 200/600, site visit SBPI in St. Louis Missouri.
Vutek PressVu 200/600 UV-cured inkjet printer evaluations


Samples of the Vutek PressVu 200/600 UV-cured inkjet printer
Samples printed by the VUTEk 200/600 at site visit case in Missouri.


If you purchase any four complete UV-series, or any 12 individual UV reports (on specific brands, 2nd level reports or above, or site-visit case studies) you can also arrange to have Dr Nicholas Hellmuth come to your print shop as a consultant. Just cover the basic airfare, transportation to your print shop (anywhere in the world) and per diem costs (hotel, meals). We can consult in Spanish, German, and also English, and can understand French, Italian, and Portuguese.

Once you have bought the reports, there is no additional consulting expense other than getting Professor Hellmuth to your location.


First posted Sept. 25, 2006.