What happened to the HP Scitex FB6500, dedicated flatbed UV printer? Print

The Scitex Vision VEEjet+ has been unofficially put to sleep by HP Scitex. Their name for this was the HP Scitex FB6300. I have not seen the Scitex Vision VEEjet+ for most of 2007 at any trade show in Europe or the US. Actually this is not all that surprising since even in its heyday it was hardly ever exhibited at trade shows; only the CORjet was shown.

The Scitex Vision VEEjet+ is the final version of the oldest UV-curing technology flatbed printer: the Sias Digital printer dating back to the 1990’s. The few people who still have them are getting rid of them quickly, switching to Gandinnovations Jeti flatbeds such as the Inca Columbia Turbo or Inca Spyder 320 or increasingly to the popular Jeti 1224 or 2030.

Are problems with the X2 MEMS printheads the cause of the stalling and demise of the HP Scitex FB6500?

The replacement for the HP Scitex FB6300 is the mysterious HP Scitex FB6500. One issue with the HP Scitex FB6500 is that it uses X2 MEMS printheads. On our pages about the HP Scitex FB6500 and HP Scitex XL2200, we provide information on the problems with the X2 MEMS printheads that is not available in any trade magazine and not at any industry conference either.

But until this printer actually appears, and until the HP X2 MEMS printheads actually can be manufactured and hold up to production usage, printshop owners are tending to select UV flatbed printers that are already known, such as the NUR Tempo Q. Even the GRAPO Manta would be preferable to the HP Scitex FB6500 because the Manta (and the NUR Tempo and the Gandinnovations Jeti) all have a proven track record.

While on the subject of unproven printers, the Gerber Solara ion is such a machine. It uses an unproven UV-curing lamp (no information whatsoever is provided by Gerber other than that it is “cool.”). The design of this Gerber Solara ion is exciting; but no other printer using cationic ink has ever functioned adequately. Check out the FLAAR Reports on this printer.

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First posted November 2, 2007. Updated Nov. 25, 2007.