EFI-VUTEk QS3200 and VUTEk QS2000 UV-curable inkjet flatbed and roll-to-roll printer Print

EFI-VUTEk released these Vutek QS2000 and VUTEk QS3200 UV-curable inkjet flatbed printers in advance of SGIA '06 trade show to get people talking. Now, years later, the QS family shares a space at trade shows with the newer EFI VUTEk GS family which is able to produce more than twice the material than the EFI VUTEk QS. In fact, I thought the EFI VUTEk GS printers would replace the QS, but years after the introduction of the GS printers, both families continue to be advertised in EFI's website and both printers continue to be exhibited at trade shows, although more profusely the EFI VUTEk GS.

When the QS printers were launched, it was interesting that not a single independent outside assessment was available. This is precisely what print shop owners enjoy the FLAAR Reports. There are thousands of photo labs, screen printing shops, sign shops, and general digital print shops that are trying to figure out whether to select a Durst Rho 600, or the Durst Rho 600 Pictor, or the HP Scitex FB910.

We will have our eyes and ears open at upcoming trade shows..

We have now inspected the VUTEk QS2000 and/or QS3200 printers at trade shows in Spain, Berlin, Shanghai '07 as well as in 2008, though EFI-VUTEk cancelled their booth at Graphics of the Americas 2008 (reportedly EFI laid off employees and had to drastically cut expenses during early 2008).

During Spring 2007 FLAAR visited the EFI VUTEk world headquarters for general familiarization. Then FLAAR returned in early summer for a full day of testing and detailed inspection of the printer inside out. To do this it is essential to visit the factory, since this is where you can see inside the printer and inspect the build quality. Then FLAAR visited the headquarters in New Hampshire again in 2010 to write full evaluations on the GS3200 and the GS5000R.

VUTEk QS2000 UV-curable inkjet flatbed
VUTEk QS2000 UV-curable inkjet flatbed printer

We have also inspected the factories of Durst,Gandinnovations, NUR (now HP Scitex) in Israel, IP&I in Korea, Zund in Switzerland and three Chinese printer factories (while in China for the Shanghai summer trade show). The report on the Zund 250 is already available as are reports on the NUR roll-fed Expedio. The value and benefit of these reports is that we are independent and cover as many different brands and models as are feasible.

Now that the FLAAR Reports on the VUTEk QS2000 and QS3200 is available, it is accessible via credit card. This report has been updated in summer 2009 based on speaking with a person who owns about a dozen printers including one VUTEk QS. Plus we have added the additional comments of an experienced printshop owner who wanted to buy the VUTEK QS3200. He visited a printshop that already had one, and send me his observations. So the FLAAR Report now has comments from people with years of experience with diverse brands of grand format printers and how they compare the VUTEk QS uv-cured combo printer with other brands and models.

VUTEk QS3200, EFI Vutek QS2000 UV-curable inkjet flatbed screen printers reviews
Here is the VUTEk QS3200 UV-curable inkjet flatbed and roll-to-roll printer.

Just realize that there are about six levels of detail and comprehensiveness of a FLAAR Report, depending on how much access we have to look inside and test the printer. The report on the VUTEk QS 3200 and QS2000 is at a high level because of the courtesy of VUTEk managers in facilitating three visits to their world headquarters this year so that we could visit the factory, undertake tests, and study the printer inside out in peace and quiet of a demo room (trade shows are a bit hectic).

VUTEK QS2000 UV curable Injekt flatbed printer in  efi booth
VUTEK QS2000 UV curable Injekt flatbed printer at Drupa 2008 in efi booth

Then it was possible to spend a day at the Leggett & Platt (L&P) Virtu factory of Spuhl in Switzerland on the day after FESPA Digital.

The result of these additional factory visits are two new reports: Durst Rho 800 Presto (combo flatbed and roll-fed) and Durst Rho 351R (dedicated roll-to-roll UV).

Sorry, no report yet on the VUTEk QS3200r (roll-to-roll UV); have been at so many other factories that there has not yet been an opportunity to visit the VUTEk factory; have been at the HP Scitex demo rooms in Israel (March 2008), at HP printer world headquarters in Barcelona during April 2008 (for the fourth time), and are in the process of moving our office as FLAAR expands. Our schedule is even busier (despite the recession), especially now that latex ink is catching on. We have attended three training sessions of HP on this latex ink, most recently in July 2009: twice in Barcelona and once in Israel.

VUTEK QS3200R printed sample
Sample printed on a VUTEK QS3200R at Drupa 2008

L&P is continuing their printer production program, indeed WP Digital has already launched their new dedicated 5-meter roll-to-roll printer. The FLAAR Report is already available on this and also on pertinent Durst Rho printers.

If you seek a used VUTEk QS3200 or 2000 or QS3220

Used VUTEk printers (all brands) are available from Global Imaging Inc.


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First posted August 30, 2006. Updated Sept. 26, 2006, July 20, 2007, Oct. 3, 2007, April 7, 2008, July 31, 2009.