DGI Rex, Infiniti solvent ink printers, Eastech and others from Taiwan, now from mainland China Print
EastTech solvent ink printer at ISA 03 tradeshow
ColorSpan entered the solvent ink printer market with their 110s. Do not confuse this with an import from China. We show this printer here to remind you how much value is present when service, and spare parts, are stocked in the USA. This printer is still available from ISI, the original manufacturer.

The first wave of exports from Asia were from Korea, such as DGI. Then in 2003 came more from Korea such as Dream Printing Technology (Dream Printtech SkyJet 3300K).

Dilli, from Precision Ind. Co., Ltd was another seen at ISA 2003; they went as far as offering a UV cured ink printer.

DGI and Infiniti sell primarily in Latin America where cheap price counts more than sophisticated tech support. Their main competition is ColorSpan 72s and 72si, Mutoh Toucan and Mimaki JV3. Now a flood of other newer Chinese brands (Infiniti, Skyjet, JHF and countless more) are aimed at Vutek, Nur, and Scitex Vision.

DGI offers quite a line of solvent ink printers. They go by the name of Rex or Omegajet also. We have comprehensive lists of all Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese solvent ink printers in the appropriate FLAAR Reports.

Recently even more Korean companies joined the attack on the American and European solvent printer market. Kwangko System Co. Ltd offered their Sprin SP-1908, SP-2308, and SP-2608. But for a variety of reasons this Korean rebranding of cheap Chinese printers went out of business.

Dream Printing Technology, Printtech SkyJet 3300K came from the Shenyang Sky Air-Ship Computer Painting Co, Ltd.

The Chinese invasion began at Graphics of the America tradeshow in early 2003. By April a host of new mainland Chinese machines were shown at ISA 2003: Eastsign International Ltd (Ding), Flora from Shenzhen Runjiang Advertising Equipment & Material Co. New entrants such as Zhejiang Gongzheng Tech, Co., Ltd., Orasign, PosterJet. The print quality varied from awful to embarrassing in those years. But today (2007), Chinese solvent printers from Infiniti offer acceptable quality.

EastTech solvent ink printer at ISA 03 tradeshow Nice Easttech solvent ink printer at ISA '03 tradeshow

Taiwan also offered solvent ink printers, albeit at higher quality than those from mainland China. Eastech is an example of Taiwan quality, but how does it hold up to Mutoh Toucan or Mimaki JV3? Is the Eastech printer really made by Mutoh, as some people suggested? Eastech offered their IO-6200, IO-6400, and IO-8700.

DigiDelta, Digital Dimension is a makeover of a Mimaki JV4 into a solvent ink printer. Made in Portugal. We offer opinions in the FLAAR Report on ISO 2003 tradeshow where all these solvent ink printers first appeared in the USA.

To make the selection even larger, ColorSpan came on the market with a grand format solvent ink printer, their Displaymaker 110s. Then a brand new company, Gandinnovations, sprang from up as an offshoot of those earlier responsible for Salsa and Signtech. Gandinnovations now offer their industrial-strength Jeti 3.3.

Chinese solvent printers in 2007

In order to learn more about how far Chinese printers have improved in the last four years, FLAAR staff attended the Shanghai 2007 trade show in China. While there Dr Hellmuth was an invited guest at three Chinese manufacturing plants.

The week after that Dr Hellmuth was the guest of a Korean manufacturer of UV printers, indeed he was the lead speaker at the introduction of their new UV printer in Seoul.

So now, for summer and autumn 2007, more FLAAR Reports will be available on wide-format printers from China and Korea. We have pending invitations to visit manufacturing plants in Taiwan for later in 2007.

Learn more about Solvent and Eco-Solvent Ink Printers:

How do the Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese solvent ink printers compare with the ColorSpan 72si, Mimaki JV3, Mutoh Toucan, Vutek and other more established solvent ink printers?

We offer comments on all these aspects in the FLAAR Reports on Graphics of the Americas, ISA, SGIA 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 tradeshows where all these solvent ink printers first appeared in the USA. You can follow the links to find these. If you get lost, try www.wide-format-printers.NET.

Hewlett-Packard has now introduced their latex ink technology in a new HP Designjet L65500 printer. FLAAR has already inspected a beta test site in Europe and has been trained on latex ink in Israel a month before. Our preliminary report on the HP latex ink is now available, and a report on the printer will be issued as soon as we can spend inspect an advanced beta unit in the future.


Most recently updated July 18, 2007.
First posted May 2003. Updated Aug. 9, 2005.