Flora HJII 3200, Flora HJII 5000, Flora LJII 1800, Flora LJII 2500, Flora LJII 3200 Print

Flora is the brand name of the Shenzhen Runjiang Advertising Equipment & Material Co. Ltd. printer manufacturing company in China.

Two large Flora solvent ink printers are re-designed to specs for DuPont. We identify specifically which models of Flora printers these are, and cross-list these in our Comprehensive Annotated List of Solvent Ink Printers.

But these solvent printers from Flora did not function adequately enough for DuPont to date actually selling them openly. After about two years of featuring Chinese made solvent printers in their trade show booths, DuPont dropped these solvent printers and tried to concentrate on marketing UV-flatbed printers from the same company in China. Unfortunately these Chinese-made UV printers were not well enough designed and did not hold up well either, so DuPont had to withdraw from trying to sell any printers whatsoever.

A similar history occurred with L&P LightBrigade (with their division that sells printers). They tried for months to get Flora solvent printers to function, and finally gave up (dumping the printers in their parking lot).

Flora models that were shown in handouts at trade shows during 2005, included the

  • Flora HP 3200, Xaar printheads (shown at FESPA 2005).

  • Flora HJII 3200, HJII 5000, use Spectra printheads (FESPA 2005).

  • Flora LJII 1800, LJII 2500, LJII 3200, uses Spectra 128 printheads (FESPA 2005)

Flora HJII 5000 printer reviews
Flora HJII 5000 printer printing some samples at Shanghai 2008.

Flora HJII 3200 printer reviews
Here is the Flora HJII 3200 printer at ISA 2006.

Flora LJII 2500 printer evaluations
Flora LJII 2500 printer at ISA 2006.

Eventually the newer models of Flora printers will get better, but so far no importer is daring try to sell them in the US. Indeed the only Chinese solvent printer distributor that has survived is one that markets Infiniti solvent printers.

Current models shown on the Flora web site in 2008:

Flora LJ 180, LJ-250, LJ-320, LJ-320SE, LJ-320SW

Flora HJ-3200X, HJ-3200 Turbo

Flora HJII 3200SE, 5000SE

are primarily variations on the models shown back in 2005.

Eventually I would like to visit the factory of Shenzhen Runjiang Advertising Equipment & Material Co. Ltd. to document how their printers have improved towards meeting international expectations. I am also interested in their Flora UV printers, which have been more successful than their solvent printers. Flora now has a post-DuPont era UV printer, their F 25UV (has other designations at ISA 2008).



Most recently updated November 27, 2006.
First posted August 16, 2005.