FLAAR Reports reviews Infiniti FY-6250, pros and cons relative to DGI Rex, Oce Arizona, ColorSpan and other solvent ink printers Print

In the US Infiniti is sold into the South American market by Aeromatrix. The Aeromatrix staff that we know in Miami are all pleasant and helpful. We have seen them at trade shows every year for many years.

Infiniti Europe is completely different. The Infiniti solvent ink printers in Europe even have different names: Infiniti Xterius, Infiniti Xpert, Xplorer, Xtream. And the quality we see produced by Infiniti Europe printers at FESPA, VisCom and other trade shows in Germany and Italy is totally different than what we see at American trade shows.

But when we try to find people who actually use solvent ink printers in Latin America, they tend to prefer ColorSpan or D.G.I. Previously they preferred Arizona 30, 90, 180 but these printers are out of date today). We checked all over Guatemala and found 46 DGI Rex printers but few if any Infiniti printers (last year). One Gandinnovations JETi 3300 is doing well in Guatemala and the owners of two ColorSpan Gators are happy with their ColorSpan 72S and 72SR printer (we have a site-visit case study of all these printers). A second Gandinnovations was installed in Guatemala recently.

At trade shows in past years PosterJet printer appears to be poor quality. Infiniti was poor several years ago but appears steadily better each year. So it is probable that in a year or so Infiniti will have reached an acceptable level. If PosterJet 3339, PosterJet 3330, PosterJet 3318 are from Fei Yeung Union, and the same factory as Infiniti printers, this needs to be better understood. There is no source of information to explain all this. Then some models disappear for a year: PosterJet has not exhibited under this name in the US recently.

Do not confuse PosterJet printers with PosterJet RIP; PosterJet RIP is German, high quality, and not entry-level.

The other difficulty is the absolutely bewildering plethora of models. Yes, HP has 15 models, but we know every one intimately because we have visited HP headquarters to take courses. Same with ColorSpan: all the key FLAAR staff have gone to the ColorSpan University to take training courses. But we have not yet been trained by Fei Yeung Union in their home city.

So we have no way to understand the distinctions among the Infiniti FY 6250sl, FY 6150, FY 8250x, FY-8250, FY-8180, FY-6250, FY-6180. Whew, Professor Hellmuth clearly needs to do more research. So if we ever get to the manufacturing plant and the corporate headquarters back in the Far East, then we can update all our reports.

The European models have different names than the American versions: in Europe they are called Infiniti Xterius 15, Infiniti Xpert 32, Xplorer 33, Xtream 23s.

Then in the US Infiniti printers are also sold as the Graphtec SignJet 72” JS300-18ES eco-solvent printer.

But until FLAAR can visit all the Chinese, Korean, and other factories, we can't yet report who is who. But what we have done in the meantime is to begin to keep track of Xaar and Spectra printheads, as well as variants such as by Konica. Xaar piezo printheads tend to produce horizontal banding defects. Xaar printheads are not permanent either. But replacing them with Spectra heads does not automatically ensure flawless quality either. You may still get banding lines.

We have prepared a sort of primer on solvent ink printers, since it must be confusing for a sign shop owner or screen printer staff to figure out what is what. The confusion of eco-solvent, lite-solvent, mild-solvent makes it hard to know where to spend your $30,000 to $50,000 on a printer.

The best way to protect yourself is to become a savvy buyer. If you order the Solvent ink FLAAR Report Series from FLAAR now, you get three years of Nicholas Hellmuth's experience in checking out solvent ink printers all in one convenient batch of PDF downloads. These reports are all in full-color and provide independent assessment of the pros and cons of DGI, Infiniti, Oce Arizona, Mutoh Toucan, Mimaki JV3, Lyson Tiara, and other inkjet printer brands.

Infiniti FY-6250, Infiniti FY-6180, Infiniti Xterius 15
We have kept notes on Infiniti printers from ISA 2003 through German trade shows in 2005 and into Graphics of the Americas 2006. Here is the Infiniti FY-6250 Solvent based inkjet printer from ISA 2003.


Most recently updated June 5, 2006.
Previously updated Dec. 19, 2005, May 18, 2005. First posted March 10, 2004.